By Patrick Colbeck

I’ve put out so much information related to election fraud that I thought it might be a good time to compile an anthology of sorts to make it easy for Let’s Fix Stuff supporters to access and share with your network.

So, here you go!

Election Reform Strategy Build 2.0
Chain of Custody Overview
Fake Election Over, Fake Audit Season Begins
The Case for Decertification of Michigan Election Results
Dominion Training Audio Findings
Dominion CEO Testifies Under Oath
If Only There Was Proof…
Smoking Gun: Antrim County Dominion System Analysis Released
Never in the Field of Human Conflict
Anatomy of a Coup
How Legislators Can Protect Election Integrity
2020 Election Was Hacked: Now What?
How the 2020 Election Was Hacked
Kraken Fashion Statement: Suit After Suit
2020 Election Chain of Custody: World’s Worst Game of Telephone
Dominion Voting Systems Unwrapped
Michigan Presidential Electors Not Settled
Michigan Election Fraud is Real and Significant
How Technology May Have Enabled Tampering with Election Results
Election Fraud in Michigan
Subversion of Election Integrity Using COVID
Only Off By One
Let’s Fix Election Integrity
Let’s Fix Stuff Posts

Additional information on election fraud can be ascertained via my various testimonials on what happened during this election.

Absolute ProofMike Lindell Documentary
Operation FreedomOperation Freedom
MI Senate Oversight Committee TestimonySenate TV
War Room with Steve BannonWar Room with Steve Bannon
AZ Oversight Committee TestimonyNTD News
Lou Dobbs Response to MI Attorney General IntimidationFox Business
Gateway Pundit AppearanceGateway Pundit
Lou Dobbs Account of Wayne County Board of CanvassersFox Business
Victory Channel AppearanceVictory Channel
Lifesite News AppearanceLifesite News
Taped Testimony (Incomplete)

Anyone who still believes that there is no evidence of election fraud is either willfully ignorant or complicit with a coup.

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4 thoughts on “Election Fraud Anthology B1.0”
  1. What are we supposed to do about this? No one is listening or pursuing any of it. Instead of investigating election fraud, the impeachment jokesters repeatedly accused President Trump of making up the lie of election fraud to incite people to violence. Perhaps that was the point of the impeachment trials, simply to repeatedly portray claims of election fraud as invalid without ever investigating them.

    The My Pillow owner has tried to provide evidence also and the Amistad group of the Thomas More society presented evidence concerning the $500 million that the Facebook owner put into the election through some charitable organization called Center for Technology and Civic Life and only into Democratic areas, many of which had not spent half of their public funds.

    However, no one in authority seems to care. Even the radio programs and web sites that carried information concerning fraud prior to January 6th appear to have forgotten all about it and all about the people who came forward and signed affidavits under penalty of perjury and at risk to their careers and lives. Someone lied; either there was election fraud or thousands of people who testified were all liars. One of the two groups should be investigated and prosecuted.

    But the question is who is going to do it? The elected representatives aren’t going to do anything; and what can the people do apart from calling back the representatives and replacing them with those who will pursue it? That is, if the courts aren’t all stacked also.

    It appears to me that those in power don’t really care what anybody posts on a web site or says on a radio program because it all amounts to nothing in the end if you can’t get it into a fair court and present and evaluate the evidence. And they seem to be able to stop that from happening.

    So, I ask again, what are we supposed to do about it?

    That’s what we need to hear. Why can’t you get your evidence into a court and what do you need to do so?

    Have there been any positive steps in getting any action on this?

    Please don’t misunderstand me. I believe there was election fraud; I watched the testimony in several states. I don’t think the area of focus needs to be on persuading others that there was fraud but, instead, it should be on getting this into a real investigation or court where the truth will have to come out and cannot be suppressed by the media or anyone else.

    But how? Can you tell us that?

  2. Good break down. Making Sec of State follow the law seems to be key. I’ve worked elections for years and this was not a well run election unless the goal was to count illegal ballots.

  3. We didn’t get any help from the Supreme Court recently either, getting only three (I think we needed four) of nine that want to hear Sydney Powell and others. Why?

    What is it that makes people think (or at least give the impression that their reasons for their actions is that they think) they’re being so intelligent concerning constitutionality in refusing to investigate election fraud rather than realizing that their failing to protect us from a government that will eliminate the constitution?

    What’s going on with the Democrats’ Equality Act (H.R.5) violating the first amendment?

    It sure seems like they have leadership outside the government representatives themselves that had these bills ready to go and shoved through before the election. I guess it’s just like with President O’bama when they had the majority in all branches and pushed through the heath reform. Back then, they almost got the bill through that would sell carbon credits on a stock exchange. It would appear that the bills are already written with a larger plan and objective.

    What is the possibility of or use in pursuing election reform without correcting the current results? Why would those in power now vote to implement reform?

    If they can steal a presidential election, how can we vote them out in 2022? How could we call them back now and replace them if they control the elections?

    Are they not also now, if not already done, passing some type of new controls on future elections?

    It appears that they are quite emboldened and moving forward at full speed with their plan and we’re talking about stuff that appears to be impossible to take place, while losing ground fast.

    We need a new approach. I don’t know what it is and am just a peon. At the moment, it would appear the best hope we have is that, although they can pass what they want, they’ll need somebody to enforce it. They’ve managed to block enforcement of the law so that they could break it, but can they get the law and courts to enforce that which is illegal?

    It appears that in mankind’s history they always find people to enforce that which is wrong.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

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