By Patrick Colbeck

How many times have you heard “there is no proof of voter fraud”?

The expression seems to be a daily mantra in the traditional media. Subsequently, it has become a daily mantra of those whose only source of information is the traditional media.

But is it true?

So exactly what proof is needed to debunk this mantra once and for all?

How about proof that votes were flipped real time?

Yep…got that.

Real-time Vote Flipping on CNN

How about proof that it is mathematically impossible for Joe Biden to receive vote spikes sufficient to overcome his vote deficit to President Trump in the time period it occured?

Yep…got that.

How about proof of algorithmic data manipulation that indicates election fraud?

Yep…got that.

How about proof that a Dominion Voting Systems executive intended to rig the election in favor of Joe Biden?

Yep…got that.

How about proof that Joe Biden bragged about having a well-oiled election fraud organization?

Yep…got that.

Joe Biden bragging about his well-oiled election fraud organization.

How about proof that of fractional adjustments of vote tallies indicating that votes were shifted from one candidate to another?

Yep…got that.

Evidence that Rank Choice Voting algorithm was enabled in Antrim County Dominion Systems.

How about proof of illegal vote flipping that occurred right in front of poll challengers?

Yep…got that.

How about proof that dead people voted?

Yep…got that.

How about proof that people without any address voted?

Yep…got that.

How about proof that poll workers were instructed to falsify election records?

Yep….got that.

How about proof that poll inspectors were instructed to sign off on election results without first verifying the integrity of the poll data?

Yep…got that.

How about proof that there are enough fraudulent votes in each battleground state to account for the current vote deficit for Trump?

Yep…got that.

How about proof that election workers conspired to violate election statute and subvert the oversight of election processes?

Yep…got that…although it was removed from internet due to threats by AG Dana Nessel.

How about proof of foreign influence in our election results?

Yep…got that.

How about proof that Dominion Voting Systems are vulnerable to vote manipulation?

Yep…got that.

Antrim County Dominion System Analysis

How about proof that Canvassers were intimidated into certifying election results which never should have been certified?

Yep…got that.

How about proof that the Secretary of State is guilty of violating election statute?

Yep….got that.

SOURCE: Texas AG Lawsuit

Seems like there’s proof to me…and I’ve simply provided the tip of the iceberg.

The “there is no proof” mantra is a direct result of coordinated censorship of the truth by big tech and traditional media sources. George Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” is alive and well in America today.

Remember the news outlets who have been feeding you a steady diet of “there is no proof”. If you are interested in the truth, you would do well to reject them as arbiters of truth and seek outlets willing to break free from the shackles of the “Ministry of Truth”.

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10 thoughts on “If Only There Was Proof…”
  1. Very well done ,so clear and concise ,
    Easy to read for un informed people who are a little bit interested in the truth
    Thank you.

  2. Mr. Colbeck,

    I think your list is missing some overlooked election law violations that may have been made unknowingly by the poll workers. Both ‘sides’ agree that the events happened thousands of times at the Detroit TCF Center. It has to do with how ballots with ‘missing’ or ‘incorrect’ stubs are processed. The SOS election training material require these ballots to be prepared as ‘challenge ballots’ and tabulated. The leadership at the TCF Center claims that it is an acceptable practice, and there is nothing else that should be done. However, if you trace the election law statutes, you will find that those ballots should have been rejected, and not tabulated. Given that SOS guidelines are used across the state, it is reasonable to assume that it was a state-wide issue. It may be for a technical reason, but those ballots were cast in violation of law. I have sent you an email with the additional analysis. This is my assertion and it requires expert verification, but it is an argument I have yet to hear made by anyone else.

    The best part is that the ‘evidence’ that would confirm the number of affected ballots would be documented in the electronic poll books, as well as on the ballots themselves.

    God Bless Michigan,
    God Bless America,

    Louis Avallone

  3. Someone should send this to Shirkey and Chatfield. Someone might have to read it to them slowly though judging by there comments I’ve read they have a hard time understanding what fraud is.

      1. Has anyone figured out where the “Chicago warehouse” is and if there is any security camera footage that can be obtained.

  4. Hi Patrick,
    Having worked on AVCB 61 at Cobo Nov. 2 – 3 – 4, I find Ms. Capela’s affidavit compelling, and believable, since I witnessed a lot of the same slipshod and likely nefarious activities by the counting boards, as instructed by their leads and the Detroit Election Bureau personnel.
    One minor correction to what she says… she is mistaken regarding a long gap between her shift ending at 8pm on the 3rd and her next shift starting at 5:30am on the 4th. My crew (“A team”) came in at 9pm on the 3rd and stayed until 5am on the 4th.
    So there were two short “gaps in counting”, not 9 1/2 hours… but still plenty of time without election workers present for who-knows-what to be done with ballots.
    Indeed there were far more highly concerning things happening, and not happening, with us poll workers present.
    She raises one big concern that resonates with me… On the night shift, 9pm Tu – 5am Wed, the only shift where my crew actually processed ballots and had them tabulated, our ballots did not come to us in a steel ballot box. We received them, in slit-open envelopes, presumably pre-processed by someone, somewhere (who? Where?) from the long tables by the center stage where they were stacked in cardboard postal trays, without even outer cardboard sleeves. When we were done processing them, I was Job 5, who took them to the ICC (tabulator), where another person ran them through, and we never saw them again, as Ann stated. By the way, what Ms. Carlone (?) (Dominion contract worker) said is true, that the tabulators (ICCs) did not drop the ballots into a sealed container. Rather, the ICC scanner person took them behind where they sat and put them into (I think) steel ballot boxes .
    My board, covering precincts 100 and 108, pre-processed 480-odd ballots on the 2nd, which took us but an hour or two of that 12-hour shift, and we sat around the rest of the time.
    On the 3rd – 4th, we processed only 30-odd ballots, which we retrieved when instructed from those tables, late in the night, like 1:30am perhaps. That took less than an hour. We sat around the rest of the shift. The total for both days, for our crew, for those two precincts, was 533 ballots, or maybe it was 534… one of those… and the team signed off on that number.
    Unlike Ann, I am certain that number was accurate, give or take maybe 1 or 2… But I’m really curious what the total mail-in ballot count for those precincts was, if it was accurate, and, most importantly, if the tabulated number is close to that paper ballot total.
    I suspect I, a Republican, was put on the crew that ended at 5am on the 4th because the big wee hours ballot dump was counted after that, along with military ballots.

    1. Correction. It was 517 ballots total for board 61… It’s in my affidavit. That is for aure the no. we signed off on, on Wed. morning, end of shift.

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