By Patrick Colbeck

We have heard persistent refrains from the media and complicit elected officials that “there is no evidence of election fraud” in the 2020 election. That is simply not true.

I was a Poll Challenger at the Detroit Absentee Voter Counting Board on election night. In addition to my own affidavits pertaining to substantive breakage in the chain of custody pertaining to vote tallies, I have read hundreds of affidavits attesting to election fraud…in Michigan alone.

Whenever there are attempts to convey this election fraud to the general public, big tech censors the information or “supplements” it with propaganda dismissive of the claims.

These claims of election fraud should not be dismissed. They should be investigated in all of the battleground states as a minimum. Instead, they have been actively suppressed by elected officials in all branches of our government. If these officials truly believe there is no election fraud, why would they take such draconian measures to suppress a transparent review of these allegations? Short answer…because they are not interested in the truth.

I am interested in the truth. That is why I have continued to investigate claims of election fraud.

Upon my review of the affidavits at my disposal, I have prepared what I believe is a compelling case for the decertification of the Michigan election.

Chain of Custody Broken

The Chain of Custody for key election artifacts such as the Qualified Voter File, Poll Books, Ballots and Vote Tallies was demonstrably broken. In a criminal case, a break in the Chain of Custody is grounds for the dismissal of charges. In the case of an election, a break in the Chain of Custody is grounds for the dismissal of the election results.

Qualified Voter File

The Qualified Voter File (QVF) or Voter Registration Database is a list of people maintained by the Secretary of State who are eligible to vote in elections held within that state.

Qualified Voter File Record

Some of the reasons to assert that the QVF link in the Chain of Custody is broken are:

  • 616,648 ineligible voters eligible to vote
  • 12.23% of absentee voters did not request an absentee ballot

Poll Books

Poll books are time-stamped, precinct-specific extracts of the Qualified Voter File. Poll books are used by Poll Workers to verify the identity of a voter and that the voter is eligible to vote.

Poll Books

Some of the reasons to assert that the Poll Book link in the Chain of Custody is broken are:

  • At least 210 dead voters (Possible 1,005 additional dead voters)
  • At least 317 voters cast votes in multiple states
  • At least 13,248 absentee or early voters were not residents of Michigan when they voted
  • 2,474 voters had invalid addresses (additional 857 unverifiable)
  • Fake birthdays entered demonstrating no validation of voting age criteria being met
  • Multiple versions of poll books per precinct
  • Double voting occurred due to multiple poll books


Ballots are the means of casting one’s vote. Voter intentions are captured via paper ballots which are translated into scanned images or direct electronic data entry via tablet devices.


Some of the reasons to assert that the Ballot link in the Chain of Custody is broken are:

  • Unsupervised ballot duplication
  • Suspicious drops of tens of thousands of ballots

Vote Tallies

Vote tallies are the final objective in the Chain of Custody. Precinct vote tallies are aggregated by municipalities, counties, states and nationally for federal elections.

Vote Tallies

Some of the reasons to assert that the Vote Tally link in the Chain of Custody is broken are:

  • At least 289,866 illegal votes cast
  • Evidence of internet connectivity
  • Evidence of fractional vote tallies
  • Dominion election system featured a 68% error rate resulting in suspicious adjudication rate
  • Data anomalies indicate fraud

Statutory Violations

Statute is another term for law. Violations of state and federal election statute are violations of the law with all of the associated penalties.

Some of the statutory violations observed in Michigan are as follows:

  • Deliberate interference with duties of poll challengers
  • Republican poll workers rejected by election officials
  • Election processes executed without representatives of both major political parties
  • Poll workers left polling location prior to closure of polls
  • Destruction of election artifacts prior to end of 22 month archival requirement
  • Interference with recount efforts
  • SoS Benson allowed online voter registration without signature verification

Constitutional Violations

We live in a constitutional republic. Our state and federal constitutions form the basis of our system of government. Any time our rights under the constitution have been infringed, it merits rectification.

Some of the constitutional violations observed in Michigan are as follows:

  • Unconstitutional delegation of legislative authority to certify election results to the Governor in MCL 168.46
  • Unequal protections of law provided in favor of Democrats
  • Unlawful restrictions upon Freedom of Assembly
  • Denial of access to audit
  • Privatization of elections by left-leaning group Center for Tech and Civic Life

Board of Canvassers

Boards of Canvassers are responsible for auditing the Chain of Custody and certifying the election results if the Chain of Custody is not broken.

Some of the Boards of Canvassers issues observed in Michigan are as follows:

  • Wayne County
    • No signatures of Republican canvassers were affixed to statement of certification
    • Evidence of “Cooking the Books” prior to Wayne County certification vote
    • OFFICIAL Vote Results for Wayne County shows 0 registered voters against a tally of 172,337 votes
  • State Board of Canvassers certified results with one Republican canvasser abstaining.  Wayne County certification issue was not addressed.
  • In Kent, Macomb, Oakland and Wayne County, there is evidence that 289,866 illegal votes were cast
  • Antrim County
    • Evidence that 6,000 Trump votes were allocated to Biden out of 22,000 votes
    • Adjudication enabled vote flipping without a paper trail.

Dominion Voting Systems Vulnerabilities

Dominion Voting Systems were used in 65 out of 83 counties in Michigan.

Some of the documented vulnerabilities of Dominion Voting Systems are as follows:

  • Foreign Influence Evident
    • CCP
    • Iran
  • Dominion System used in Antrim County was used in 65 of 83 MI Counties
  • Dominion CEO John Poulos testified under oath that Ranked Choice Voting module which allows fractional voting was not enabled in Antrim County.  This testimony conflicts with forensic analysis findings.
  • Fractional votes were evident in data stream from Dominion servers to Edison servers
  • Evidence that internet connectivity present during voting in contrast to Dominion CEO testimony
  • System manuals explicitly refer to internet and ethernet connectivity
  • Encryption keys stolen
  • DVS passwords available on Dark Web
  • NIST posted DVS file attributes
  • Audit logs deleted
  • Original ballot images deleted

Use of COVID To Subvert Election Integrity

The COVID outbreak resulted in a significant amount of fear and suffering across America.

Some of the examples of how the COVID outbreak was used to subvert the integrity of the election in Michigan are as follows:

  • Unlawful 6 foot rule (rescinded by court order yet still enforced)
  • 14-Day extension (struck down by higher court)
  • Impairment of Freedom of Assembly
  • Stonewalling/denial of access by Detroit Elections Bureau prior to election
  • Limits on number of poll challengers per building


Additional information related to each of these claims can be found in the the document below. This document has been shared with both state and federal elected officials. Please share as you are able.

NOTE: The evidence cited in this post can be found in our Election Fraud Evidence post.

The best way to dispel the brewing division in our nation over the election results is to pursue an emergency forensic audit of the paper AND electronic election materials for the battleground states.

If the audit reveals that all of the concerns cited in this Case for MI Decertification are invalidated, so be it. Detractors of the analysis can continue having a field day mocking such analyses as the products of tin-foiled hat conspiracy theorists.

If the audit reveals that these concerns are indeed valid, though, the results of the 2020 Election should be decertified.

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86 thoughts on “The Case for Decertification of Michigan Election Results”
  1. You are correct on every assertion. What we have witnessed is a coup, allowed by governors of swing states, many democrat socialists but ALLOWED by our GOP led Legislature. We have been betrayed on every side. The Michigan Legislature led by Mike Shirkey and Lee Chatfield could have taken over their rightful duties but they did not. We now see clearly why they allowed this Trio of Terror to control us for the last 10 months. We have descended now into a banana republic ruled by deals, corruption, and threats. Right now I am at a loss how to go forward. I am bereft for the country I grew up in. My consolation is I KNOW who wins in the end. Thank you for this site. I can no longer be on FB.

  2. Thank you for all the work you’ve done on behalf of MI citizens and the nation. We sent emails containing this information and our request that Senators and Legislators decertify MI election results and will join you in praying for Truth to prevail and for hearts and souls to be open to it. May the Lord bless you and all those you hold dear with health and peace of heart, mind and soul throughout this new year! God is in control!!! The Shepard family

  3. Thank you for this comprehensive look into voter fraud. I really hope this is seriously looked into and not dismissed!

  4. patrick, scott adams was wanting someone to list all the evidences of voter fraud in one column and then all the so-called debunks in a second column, item by item. then for someone to walk through step by step and evaluate each evidence, which evidences have been debunked or given a plausible explanation (i.e. plausible deniability), in order to boil all the evidences down to the very best evidences that have not been debunked or even remotely explained. have you and your team thought of making such a list? how about doing so for just the Georgia video that shows ballot counting after hours with no observers? the news media, journalists, etc. should have done this long ago, but have not. i think we need a chart, a plain, simple easy-to-read visual display of all the evidences for voter fraud, graded on say a scale of 1-10 in strength, the weakest to the strongest, so that we can refute people who say, “it’s been debunked!” as you know, some claims have been debunked but there remains many evidences that have not been debunked. has there been any discussion of your team putting this chard of evidences together?

  5. Thank you for all you hard efforts!
    Question: The case is clear for Dominion Voting Systems, but I am not sure of the other systems. For example, in Oakland County Hart InterCivic was used. Did Hart use the Smartmatic software? How were the tabulations results rolled up from city to county and then to the state level from the different non Dominion and / or smartmatic connections? Let say if the city results were taken by thumb drive to the Oakland County Clerks office, where is the chain of custody here?
    So the question is how do we get local city and county laws passed and enforced to keep the chain of custody? Do we have to get honest people elected to the clerk offices? Were the clerks offices already targeted and compromised?
    Thank you for fighting the good fight!

    1. All of the electronic voting systems are vulnerable to hacks. I am in possession of information that indicates 343 intrusion attempts into election systems in Michigan…across ALL platforms.

      1. If the audit went through and it was found to be true that there was corruption, who in the state is responsible to decertify an election. You tube wont let me search this and on my search engine, even with duck duck go, I cant seem to find that one simple bit of information.

        1. Hello carol if you get a response to your question let me know I will be going Thursday to sign an affidavit to see if we can do a forensic audit in walled lake where there is a Trump headquarters so if you find out anything what will happen if we do indeed find out there was fraud what happens next please respond to me thank you so much.

  6. Thank you for putting this report together. Democrats planned to steal this election for the past several years. They will not get away with it. I hope you will consider running for governor again. Whitmer will be gone soon!

    1. Tough to keep up with censorship. I will try to get back and see if I can find alternative links. Thank you for bringing to my attention!

  7. Thank you for all you are doing. I am in MN were many of us know election fraud has been going on for many years. What can we all do in every state to ensure the integrity of our elections.

  8. What does it matter now? No one is going to do anything. GOP is gutless, we the people are called Nazi’s and threatened, Judges are all on the Marxist payroll, so what does this matter? No one gives a patuty.

    1. What if I told you that something IS being done about this and that there is reason for hope. Go to Rumble, subscribe to the X-22 report channel and you will begin to see what is really happening. I honestly cannot prove that the purveyors of information are 100% correct. But a lot of it makes sense. You will have to exercise a little faith, just like Christians or any believers in God must do. But perhaps you will not feel so despondent afterwards. I wish you well.

    2. I k ow it’s very discouraging and disappointing ….. but don’t throw your hands up yet. There are a lot of very smart and honest people working for this country and our freedom. These people haven’t given up. Look at what you just read. All that information took a lot of hard work to get. It’s a process. It will be awhile. Bit have faith and pray for those fighting for us. Pray to bring them strength to keep it up. It’s not easy. They are literally fighting the devil. 🙏

  9. am i to understand that benson would only get a thousand dollar fine and a year in jail for stealing from millions of michigan voters?

  10. I know that the claim of “no evidence” is false, but could you please explain how it is that with all of the evidence, we were never able to make the case in any courts? I might be able to accept if someone were to say that the evidence is circumstantial, or not definitive enough, or that the evidence isn’t believable, but to claim “no evidence” is dismissive and troubling.

    Also do you think that the strategy of trying to try this case in court (vs the public opinion court) was correct? How is it that with what looks like blatant and unapologetic malfeasance, we never got anywhere with this and now anyone who questions the election is somehow a terrorist?

    Thank you.

    • From The case for Decertification: 616,648 ineligible voters eligible to vote. Anyone have further explanation as to what this means exactly, and how so?
  11. So where do we go from here? How do we organize in an efficient way to 1. continue to prove these are valid and 2. Make sure none of these can ever happen again. Digital manipulation is my biggest concern regarding how to correct it because it seems nobody wants to listen and investigate. I have seen multiple patterns and data experts share their info. If this much fraud can happen, they can essentially change the constitution and get anything passed they choose. I am up for volunteering a little time.

    1. Removal of all internet connecting hardware from the voting machine would fix that issue. Easily done. In fact, that hardware should NEVER have been installed. After internet removal, chain if custody. They are intentionally over- complicating a simple orocess.

    2. I co-founded the Election Integrity Fund ( I recommend signing up as a volunteer. 3 priorities: 1) Election Official Scorecards (no need for legislative action), 2) Statutes Required Chain of Custody Proof PRIOR to Certification (legislative action appreciated but not required…ballot initiative is an option), 3) Voter ID (Same as 2).

      1. How come the “Chicago Warehouse” wasn’t investigated?
        Where were the cameras in the TCF Center when they brought in all of the ballots in the middle of the nighty. Do we stand a chance with this corrupt judicial, gov’t and legislative branches in Mi? I know friends who want to volunteer their time but what needs to be done?

        How come SOS only recounted 18K ballots by hand? She seems to run rough shot and do whatever she wants because she knows she will not go to jail.
        Linda B

  12. At this point do we have any recourse now that Biden has been sworn in if someone proves or admits the election was stolen

    1. Always room for hope that justice will be done. Antrim County court proceedings are still promising.

      1. Why aren’t our legislators forcing a recount in Wayne County where the massive theft took place?
        I have been on GOP meetings and it seems they are just moving on and forgetting about election fraud!

  13. Senator Colbeck, thank you for staying in it. btw, nice hair in the clip of you on Dobbs that the President tweeted.
    we are still doing what we can, i’ve been writing to my Representative Andrea Schroeder (since before) and others. now that parlers down, how can we reach out to you?
    we need to stop HR1, but how can we if none of our so called representation will even investigate egregious harms

    1. HR1 will likely need to be fought in the courts and in the public square. Most of the garbage in HR1 was already passed in MI in 2018, but Fed involvement in elections is a very dangerous precedent.

    2. I write to my Senator, Lana Theis, weekly and never get a response.
      What is Andrea’s email address? I went to high school with her.

  14. Why are we allowing a few bad people to ruin our country and our lives? What are we, the law abiding, honest Americans to do? I’m a 76 year old widow and I’ve seen my rights disappear in less than 12 months.

  15. About 80 million of know the election was stolen. Thanks for pulling all the evidence together, but we’ve seen it before. That and evidence for all the states in question. Biden will never be our legitimate president!!! We are waiting bc we believe that the REAL people in charge will not let this charade go on a whole lot longer. Wwg1wga!!!

  16. This is exactly the “light” that needs to shine on our election processes across the nation. This is the first step in finding a remedy for this issue. It is unfortunate that many will not even seek to find the truth but will instead believe the lies that many media outlets propagate. Excellent work Sir!

  17. The fraud was real IMO I have researched the evidence and it us vast. We need a complete audit of all states voting machines and ballots

  18. My first time voting in Pine Bush NY and I was never asked for my ID. I’m a legal immigrant from Venezuela and I became a Citizen on 01/18/2019. I would of think since it was my first time, which I verbalized it as soon as I got to the agents, they just asked me my name and if I saw my name on the list. That was it. I voted straight Republican.

  19. This needs yo be fixed, or why bother to vote, it would just get stolen again, winning by fraud is not winning!

    1. We wouldn’t know about the fraud if it weren’t for record number of Republican voters. We broke their algorithm. If we didn’t, it would have been hidden from view.

  20. Glad you are still in the fight. Agree fully with all your statements. Sadly, MSM and social media, big tech censorship is keeping so many voters in a false reality. I hope you keep fighting your fight for truth to be fairly reported. But the rest of us, whose hands are otherwise tied, can be on our knees begging God to forgive us for removing Him from our nation, and seeking His face for mercy. He is our only real hope.

  21. I don’t understand why some states do not require an ID or proof of anything when they vote.It’s 🐴 horse shit.We needed more pollworkers ,but people were too”trusting” that others would be honest.And unless you are extremely sick,or in the military,I think it should be in person voting.Just like having to have. Dr.s note if you miss school or work,if you mail in you should provide proof of why you couldn’t show up for your candidate(s). And if they had nothing to hide,and there was no foul play,,since it was so close,I mean,how hard would it have been to hold a re-vote??
    I know people are getting stir crazy and impatient( im guilty),,but please,please try to remain patient and trust that God has a plan. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe so many have lost their sense of of what freedom really looks like and had taken it for granted and had turned their backs on him,,maybe he’s letting us stew on it for a while,,so that when it returns,we will truly appreciate it and keep a more watchful eye out for predators trying to steal it for their own personal gains.

  22. Wow, such clear, layman speak 🙂, and simply astounding! We so appreciate your efforts to do this in such a way, that to me, is a portrait of absolute intent & belies any suggestion of “free & fair” in the equation.

  23. I live in Michigan and I’m still so upset what happened with everything regarding the voter fraud Why won’t anything be done to show it prove it I don’t get it I feel so uncertain about ever voting again. I feel helpless and hopeless what can I do before the next vote or to prove there was fraud?

    1. There is a deep state no matter how much they try to deny it. There is a worldwide cabal that plans to institute a New World Order, where the world is ruled by a single gov’t. It WILL be a dictatorship with a ruling class and the rest of us. No such thing as a middle class, or upper middle class. It will be rulers and slaves. It has been slowly happening over so many years, that most couldn’t see it coming. It has been happening through the indoctrination of our children with revisionist history through the classrooms. Only in these past 4 years, where they have moved their tactics to a full court press, because we finally put a man in as president who vowed to expose them, did many people open their eyes and see what a president who puts his country before his own selfish needs, means. Trump, by many honest estimates, got 80 million votes. Through various different methods, votes were put in Biden’s column, and removed from Trumps. The fraud was accepted by those who are either part of the deep state, or simply because of their extreme hatred of a man who wouldn’t be part of the NWO plan, that they were willing to allow our country to be destroyed. Unfortunately, when they allowed the take down of the one man standing in the way of the cabal, they allowed the take down of America.

    2. There is always hope. Their censorship of truth and facemask mandates are designed to promote fear and despair. Don’t give them the satisfaction 😉

      1. I have been saying this since day 1. The face masks are communist oppression experiment!
        There is a site on FB “Mask Free Michigan”

    1. Sign up at (I co-founded) or support for starters.

  24. When “chain of custody” is not adhered to in court evidence in a crime committed, the evidence is dismissed or excluded. Why should this chain of evidence be just “accepted”?

    1. It shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, in Michigan, there is no law requiring the demonstration of Chain of Custody prior to certification.

  25. Thank you for all your hard work. Please don’t let up. Our freedom is at stake! You have to know that the majority of America is behind you. And it’s a big majority! Do not give up. We are so grateful ! God bless you and keep you safe while you continue to expose the truth! Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you! Your hard work will not be in vain!

  26. This very well spelled out. Unfortunately the elite ruling class knows it was only by election fraud they could kick Trump and install Manchurian President. We, they, all know there is evidence. 3 letter agencies and our courts are compromised and corrupt. Laws broken yet no arrests, no investigations. No one held to account. If not for private citizens like yourself, Mike Lindell, Sydney Powell, Lin Wood and many more, there would be no investigations. Sad days in America. If we can’t find a way for the world to know the TRUTH, if no one is left to account, we are done as a free people. Instead The World gets to see another unconstitutional sham impeachment of the greatest President ever.

  27. I think this guys video speaks VOLUMES to back this mans column up. 2 hr long video demonstrating absolutely voter fraud took place! It shows/demonstrats both FOREIGN and DOMESTIC Fraud took place! The lst 30 minutes is PROOF POSITIVE that the election wasnt just RIGGED, but STOLEN! How can a man who NEVER LEFT his basement, Never drew in ANY CROWDS in WIN? I mean there was more TRUMP supporters at president frauds rallies then there were of his supporters. As a Michigan resident who whole heartedly believes/knows TRUMP won the election. There was so few BIDEN signs it was RIDICULOUS and laughable. And thats even with people stealing the TRUMP Signs.

  28. I still find it hard to believe and understand how all these facts are simply swept under the rug and biden is left to destroy our nation. I place most if not all at the feet of the Supreme Court for wimping out of their duty as our last stand for justice. For the record I’m a 73 year old registered voter who will possibly never vote again if Mr. Trump is not reinstated.

  29. I am a MI voter and IF I would have kept my mail in ballot I could have voted under two different addresses same as my husband. WE did not do that but no one asked to verify my address. So I could have gone in under one address then the second address and also mailed in my vote. JUST SAYING…

  30. Patrick, this is truly an incredible compilation of the facts. Now… what is the next step? What do We the People need to do to correct this, and decertify Michigan’s election results?

  31. Absolutely Positive the election in Michigan, (I’m sure the other States also, )were a total STEAL! This absolutely needs to be fixed! Joe Biden is not the true president of this Country, I believe they robed John James too! This is totally unacceptable! We the People want our Country Back ! One Nation Under God! I am Thanking God for you and your work to correct this horrible nightmare!

  32. I don’t understand how this happened! How could this kind of destruction occur in our government. I thought we are the one nation it wouldn’t happen to. I thought President Trump was in charge to fix the corruption and would be successful. I’m saddened by all talk and no action. I want action! I’m tired of just talk

  33. I live in Michigan. I stood in line for a big district where the township is so big they are split up. Our voting location has 2 combined. We normally have two ballot counters. I stood in line 1 1/2 hours which is very rare. I normally am in and out within 30-45 minutes. When I got to the front I realized why the hold up;1) we only had one ballot counter. So, two huge lines of people were funneled into 1 ballot counter. Upon providing my ID and completing a short form I got my ballot. I want to add here I used my own black pen due to Covid. Completed that form. And went to the line for the ballot counter. 4 people were in front of me at the ballot counter. 3 men, 1 woman. Every one of them fed their ballot in and it was spit out. This happened 3-4 times per person. Each person was then returned to the ballot area to fix it. Two men said I know I completed this correctly. The woman directly in front of me said to the man watching the machine “What is going on? Why has this machine spit out every single ballot I have watched 3-4 times and you return them to fix their ballots? She then said she knew her ballot was correct” The man running the counter said “there is something wrong with this counter, we either need a replacement or it needs repaired. It has been doing this all morning”. She left and went back to the ballot completion area and ai was next. I always watch the ballot counter to make sure my ballot is counted. There was no number counter. I asked the man where the counter was. He helped me look and said I guess there isn’t one. I said I always make sure the number goes up by one. But what could I do? So, I fed it in and the machine accepted my ballot first try! I voted for Donald Trump. The man was shocked. He said “why was your ballot accepted first try?” I smiled and said “Because I am special”. But what if it was because I used my own pen or because I voted for Donald Trump and the other 4 I front of me voted for Biden and the machine detected that and their votes were each counted 3-4 times each? I knew something was going on of evil intent. I left the voting place and called on my cellphone the Blackman Charter township and reported what I saw. The lady I spoke to said she would call them and see what was happening.

  34. Thank you Patrick Colbeck! You would be amazed how many people stand with you. This is one fight we need to win!

  35. I was sent absentee ballots for my son in law who had moved out of state three years ago
    I too have moved but was sent one

  36. Hi Pat, I was in Lansing for the hearing with Jenna, Ruddy and heard creditable witnesses and one scientific witness testify to the fraud and mathematical improbability of our election. This should have been enough for a recall and it was more of a joke to this panel. There may have been other elected representatives there, but Matt Maddox was the only one I knew that was present. Why have they not stepped up to fight with you, this is their state and their way of life that is going to be lost as well as ours? (delegate Precinct 3, Waterford)

  37. At the Joint Wayne County GOP Summer Convention the crowd was on fire for full forensic audits of the 2020 election in Michigan. You said that the Michigan Senate would not help. Pleading to our elected officials in Livonia on our own is futile since both Rep and Senate are Dems. A United Front Petition arrive is needed and the signatures should be presented to both houses ASAP by as many as can be marching in the streets! We must move faster as many of the machines are probably wiped, already. This will not be solved without action by the Deplorables to Lansing! This message is for you Shirke!

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