The best way to deploy EMP weapons (on us?)

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>What are the physics for EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapons?  The answer can be found in how power systems respond to solar storms. When a solar flare reaches earth it sets up currents in the soil and also in power transmission lines. The greater the soil resistance the more current flows in the power lines. Soil resistance is usually higher in winter since the water is locked up as ice down to the frost line.</p>
    If the flow of solar plasma parallels a power line, it sets up voltages that are cumulative in the line. When the current meets a termination, such as a power transformer, a voltage standing wave may form. As the currents ebb and flow they
    Will radiate short wave radio waves which should be detectable from spsce. Higher over voltages will break down insulation in power devices like transformers.

    The U.S. is experiencing a period of high solar activity in the winter(2022-2023). Interestingly enough the CCP has decided to fly over a sophisticated spy balloon which contains radio receivers and cameras (among other things). Also nothing about specific areas with higher risk to EMP, using real time data. Based on extrapolated data and calculations, New England is at greatest risk.

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