Our Mission

We live in an era where the dystopian worlds of George Orwell’s 1984 or Hunger Games read more and more like non-fiction rather than fiction with each passing day.

Fake news isn’t simply a hashtag. It is real. It happens every day.

Once well-respected media outlets are now simply nothing more than propaganda outlets.

Even the idea of absolute truth itself is being brought into question as people of influence push the notion that everyone experiences their own truth.

This perspective is eerily aligned with dystopian societies pushing the notion that 2 + 2 = 5.

Insidiously, there are even organizations masquerading as ministries of truth that push at best half truths and worst deliberate lies.

Big tech uses so-called “fact checkers” with political agendas to silence narratives under false claims of “violating community standards”.

Rarely do they ever specify how a post or comment has violated any standard.

Our society is being polarized because truth is being polarized.

We can’t allow this to happen. We need to make sure that we are all allowed to express our views.

Our mission at Let’s Fix Stuff is to share real news, real data, and real solutions that are increasingly being scrubbed from the public square by big tech and big government.

We give this content a home.

A home free of political censorship.

We go beyond broadcasting the news stories that too few will share.

We go beyond broadcasting news about all of the problems we face.

What makes us truly unique is that we promote solutions.

We promote these solutions in a way that allows each of us to connect these solutions with society’s problem.

Instead of a home improvement network, we provide a media channel for societal improvement.

With your support, we will provide a media channel that is not afraid to say that 2+2=4.

With the truth as our foundation, we will promote solutions that seek the best interests of all of us.

So spread the word.

LetsFixStuff.org is the media channel we have all been waiting for.

The truth is indeed out there…and we are its home.