By Patrick Colbeck

Most media outlets are treating Americans to a non-stop diet of Biden as the President-Elect. Most of them were the same ones proclaiming him as the next President before November 3.

In conjunction with the “Biden is the President-Elect” talking point is the narrative that “voter fraud is not widespread”.

Talking point #1 elevates Joe Biden.

Talking point #2 suppresses anyone who disagrees with #1.

In many ways, talking point #2 is simply a continuation of the censorship promoted in response to COVID-19 except that talking point #1 was that “the number of cases was climbing”. Anyone who dares to point out that deaths not cases should drive policy are routinely censored with talking point #2 tactics.

In fact, COVID-19 was used as an excuse to subvert election integrity since the beginning of the epidemic not simply on November 3. My pre-election editorial in the Detroit News outlined how.

So, was there fraud in the November 3 election? Yes.

Was the fraud widespread? Maybe. We have affidavits to that fact regarding the Detroit Absentee Voter Counting Board. We have reports of “software glitches” that could be a result of fraudulent activities in Antrim County, MI. We have reports of fraud in other states such as the key battleground state of Pennsylvania. According to registered Democrat voter Brian McCaffrey, there was so much voter fraud in Philadelphia that it amounted to an “attempted coup”.

Does it have to be widespread to be significant? No. One corrupt county or large city can flip the vote for the entire state in a statewide election. One state can flip the vote for the entire nation when it comes to the Electoral College vote.

In Michigan, allegations of voter fraud in Detroit and Wayne County have been rampant for decades. In the wake of the 2020 Election, it was so rampant that concerned citizens are finally taking serious legal action. The result is a legal action filed by the Great Lakes Justice Center. This action includes an affidavit filed by me.

While the media continues to promote Talking Point #1 and Talking Point #2, it is important that truth be pursued in a court of law not the media’s pre-arranged kangaroo court.

The fraud and blatant disregard for chain of custody observed at the Detroit Absentee Voter Counting Board may be responsible for well over the 146,123 votes currently promoted by media outlets as the Biden margin of victory in Michigan not to mention the margin in favor of Peters in the U.S. Senate Race.  The 2020 Election is far from over.

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