By Patrick Colbeck

Dominion Voting Systems has repeatedly denied that its Detroit equipment was in any way connected to the internet. Yet, their training session tells a different story.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tech support provided instructions on connecting equipment to internet
  • Vote tally reporting methods varied based upon municipality equipment profile
  • Detroit equipment featured 684 modems, “Listener Module” which features a dedicated server with encrypted TCP/IP protocol (internet connectivity).  Both tabulators and “Results Transfer Manager” communicate with the ImageCast Listener Server
  • “Warehouse” with election equipment referenced multiple times was staffed with Texas-based personnel (other employees referred to it as the “Chicago Warehouse”…in Detroit)
  • “Rovers” would provide hardware swaps (ICP) but were encouraged to do so discretely so as to avoid any “bad perception”
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8 thoughts on “Dominion Training Audio Findings”
  1. Hi Pat, if you get a chance can you check out this article on Kent County. No excuse mail in balloting clearly played a major factor in the Dems plan to get more votes. Wondering what your thoughts are on it. Is there a way to get that part of the law removed but keep the other parts (straight ticket voting, automatic/same day registration)? Or is there a way legislature can enact stronger chain of custody rules? I can see this becoming an issue in future elections.

  2. did anyone check to see if the dominion machines have AC line Internet connectivity? as you may know, you don’t need ethernet or wifi for Internet connectivity, you can also use an AC line using tp-link or other companies to connect to the Internet through the AC power cord and electrical system of a home or building.

    1. There were no “Net Gear” setups. They had ethernet connections. There were WiFi connections. Computers had internet connectivity icons displayed. Subpoena should provide further confirmation via event logs.

  3. Mr. Colbeck,

    I was able to listen to the tape, and the ‘cc’ interpreter did a fairly good job creating a transcript a few lines at a time. Is this information ‘admissable’ to the MI Senate Oversight Committee? It would appear that this information would refute some of the statements made by Mr. Poulos, and further that some of the statements by Mr. Poulos refute other statements given by Mr. Thomas. I will try to connect the dots in another comment.

    Louis Avallone

  4. Hi Patrick… Perhaps a minor consideration, as I’m pretty sure there are fishy things associated with this “warehouse” part of the operation, as with everything else Dominion, Central Counting Board, and Detroit Clerk Elections Bureau… but from the time I heard about the “Chicago warehouse” I figured it was probably located on Chicago, a fairly major road on the west side…

  5. Something I have been concerned about, that I included in my affidavit to MI GOP, True the Vote, and the Trump campaign (none of whom ever called me) was what I witnessed the evening of Nov. 2 at Cobo (TCF), where I was an election inspector (poll worker)…
    After my team was done pre-processing all of our ballots for the day, and sealed/signed off on the transfer case (steel ballot box), a loud announcement came over the P.A. from the center stage, in so many words “Folks, there is no need to have members of two parties present during sealing of transfer cases. You all can disregard that.”
    I have to give credit to the AVCB to which I was assigned, as we sealed our case prior to the announcement, and were asked “Do we have a Republican on this board?” to which I replied in the affirmative, and I was asked to witness and sign off on the seal.
    But, as I said, no one ever called me about that announcement or the other illegal things I witnessed, such as blatant racial and derogatory remarks about John James by our team supervisor, and I’ve heard no one mention that announcement.
    I’m sure there were many ballots duplicated on Nov. 3 and 4 without a Republican present, which is perhaps a much bigger concern.

  6. Dominions own manual states about algorithms/fractional voting and connecting to the internet. The logs the S.O.S. and dominion had the judge redact prove the algorithm was activated and what was done ect. as objective facts. Poulos was not forthcoming in testimony, danced around questions and outright avoided direct answers to be slippery.
    Some reading to do F.Y.I.

  7. Hi Pat, do you have info on which Detroit precincts go with which counting boards? The canvassing board was never provided this. I need it to complete a project I’ve been working on.

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