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Due to recent events which have seen the wide-spread censorship of a of numbers opposing viewpoints as well as the targeting of conservative communications methods, LetsFixStuff thought it would be appropriate to presents our solution…the Emergency Broadcast Forum.

These forums represent a means of communication and expression sans any political censorship agenda. While these forums are free to view for anyone, only members of Lets Fix Stuff’s “Right Stuff Club” can post / reply to content. Why you ask? Because bandwidth / hosting / logistics costs are not free. Given the current environment, we must maintain these forums with as much security and proactive measures as possible to ensure that they, unlike many other sites, actually stay up and working as intended. Yes folks, its come to that.

In the forums, you can upload a variety of file types including images and PDF’s (max file size is 1Mb). If you wish to share large files, simply place them on your favorite shared drive and share the link. Video links from multiple platforms show thumbnail of video.

Not a member of “The Right Stuff” club? Not to worry. Click the “subscribe to the right stuff” header banner to sign up with monthly subscriptions for only $4.99 dollars per month.

Emergency Broadcast Forum

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