3 thoughts on “The Salient Truths About Masks”
  1. I had to check on the definition of salient just to make sure it meant what I thought it meant. What I found conspicuously missing, was any reference to ANY medical expertise. No disease, let alone infectious disease experience or insight whatsoever. Just social commentary with snarky rejoinders. The belief that our neighbor, whom we are to love as ouselves, has some bearing on my exercising caution is utterly missing from the video. Caution, not to be morally superior, just taking caution, for the benefit of others, as well as myself, but esp those who may suffer the consequences for others negligence. The abysmal lack of coherent logic, like the death of two children in China, forced to wear masks in gym class, as if that anecdotal tidbit has a correlation or any relationship to the argument, makes me suspicious of the rest of your arguments.

    1. The same is missing here in your diatribe, unless I missed something, you’re not qualified to speak on the issue either if one were to “conform” your prerequisites as established. You are doing the same thing as the person you’re criticizing here, you’re exercising your right to freedom of speech. When it’s your time to die you will die, no mask, no physician and no amount of money can purchase you one more second of life.

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