By Patrick Colbeck

Many think that election recounts will reveal any evidence of election fraud. Is that true?

Watch the following overview of recounts to find out.

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A. Robinson
A. Robinson
1 year ago

I wrote my MI rep. early in Nov. and asked for a forensic audit with examination of ballot images. I had heard Dr. Shiva and he had suggested this. I asked for Kent Co. to be included in a forensic audit.

What angered and dismayed me was the response from my rep’s aide: She used Politifact, a left-wing organization, to refute my concerns. I have no confidence in my representative at this point. We have a saying in our household: “Who ya gonna call?” What happened with the voting machines from Wayne and Oakland counties? I thought I heard they had been subpoenaed.

Is our legislature doing ANYTHING to look into the 2020 election? Looking into the next election will not assuage our concerns!