By Patrick Colbeck

The biggest challenge when it comes to 2020 election fraud is not finding evidence of fraud. The biggest challenge is how to present the fraud in an easy-to-understand message. In the words of my mentor and Class of 1942 West Point Graduate, Senator John Pappageorge, the challenge is how to fit a description of the 2020 election fraud into a bumper sticker. Well, I haven’t quite figured out yet how to squeeze it all into a bumper sticker, but I believe that I have found a way to fit it into a 5″x7″ palm card. The following figure is the result of this effort.

Election Fraud Evidence Primer (5″ x 7″ Format)

Clearly, there is only room for summaries of the evidence of election fraud on the face of this card. These summaries would not be of much value in a court of law or in the court of public opinion. That is why I have provided links to evidentiary references in this post. The supporting evidence for each of these summary statements has been organized by the headings in figure above.

I believe that you will find upon review of this information that the evidence is widespread, significant and indeed substantiated. Enjoy!

NOTE: I plan to update this list as time allows and new evidence presents itself. While this list may already seem exhaustive, it is not. I have only had time to post about half of the evidence that I have collected thus far. When updates are provided, I will update this note to reflect the date of the update.

Chain of Custody


616,648 ineligible MI votersE-4 Voting Age Population Analysis
Ballots Submitted By Unregistered Voters
Non-Citizens Receiving Ballots
Out of State Voters Receive Ballots for MI
Edited by non-SoS organizationsMI SoS QVF Maintenance Policies
MI Secretary of State Press Release – June 15, 2020
QVF System Accessible via Internet at ANY time
Online Voter Registration
HAVA Security Grants


1,061 Phantom Voters out of 15,962 in Antrim CountyAntrim Lawsuit Exhibit 4 Doug Frank
Algorithm-based allocation of voters to ballotsAntrim Lawsuit Exhibit 4 Doug Frank
326,408 absentee votes with no record of absentee ballots being requested, sent or received
Suspicious “Strike Team” Poll Worker assignment
Deliberate recruitment of teenagers as electronic poll book inspectors
Multiple poll book instancesIn Detroit alone, there were at least 4 instances of Poll Books:
AVCB Electronic Poll Book (November 1, 2020 download from QVF)
– Poll-based Electronic Poll Book (November 1, 2020 download from QVF)
Supplemental Paper Poll Books (November 4, 2020 at 3:30am via delivery truck)
– Revised Poll Books (November 16, 2020 at 12:30pm via delivery truck)
PLUS: Ballots processed even if voter name was not in a poll book, Fraudulent entry of names into Electronic Poll Book, and Incorrect Poll Book Times


Fake ballotsFake military ballots
Kinematic tests
Ballots from voters not in Poll Book processed
All ballots in lot cast for Joe Biden
“Zero matching voters”
Unlisted voters
Unsecured ballotsOpen Trays of Ballots Delivered and Processed in Detroit
Missing Ballots In Grand Rapids
Unsecured Ballot Deliveries
Unsecured Ballot Deliveries
Unsecured Ballot Deliveries
Unsecured Ballot Deliveries
Unsecured Drop Boxes
Ballot Harvesting
Ballots not in sealed containers
Missing ballots
Unsecured Ballot Deliveries
68% scanning error rate13 December 2020 ASOG Report [Redacted]
Unsupervised duplicationPizza boxes cover windows of TCF Center during Military Ballot processing
Military ballot duplication fraud
Interference with duplication oversight
Significant growth in ballots requiring duplication
Suspicious deliveriesTCF Center Deliveries
Suspicious Vehicles
Suspicious Vehicles
Suspicious Vehicles
TCF Center Morning Delivery
False AdjudicationMI Affidavit 26
Fraudulent Adjudication
“Bad” ballots discarded


518,617 votes flipped across 5 battleground states from just 19 cyber attacksAbsolute Interference
E-56 Immaculate Deception
HBO Movie Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections
New York Times Election Report Reveals 104,984 Stolen Votes in Ga, 347,768 in PA
NINE TIMES on 2020 Election Night on Live TV a Total of Nearly 400,000 Votes Disappeared From President Trump’s Column
Suspicious Vote Results
John McGlaughlin Analysis
7,060 vote swing from Trump to Biden in Antrim County alonePage 30 Election Vote Tallies
How to Alter Votes in Dominion Systems
How Machine Memory Card Can Be Used to Change Results
MI Affidavit 27
Internet connectionsMI Dominion Equipment Quotes
Dominion Email on Primary Internet Connection Issues
Dominion Training Video
Pre-Election Day Detroit TCF Center AVCB Walkthru
MI Affidavit 5
Chris Thomas Internet Connectivity Statement in Case 20-014780-AW
GA Internet Connection Via NEST Thermostat
E-7 WiFi Networks at TCF Center
Dominion Voting Machine Cellular Modem Connection Capabilities
Hack Attempt
Absolute Proof
Absolute Interference
Absolute 9-0
Wireless chipset installed on voting system motherboardExhibit 6 Penrose Report
Antrim County: Technology Expert Witness Comparisons
Non-certified software installed able to change election results without traceExhibit 7 Cyber Ninjas Report
Antrim County: Technology Expert Witness Comparisons
Mass file transfers indicative of election results tamperingMI Affidavit 4
Dominion User Manual Chapter 8: Manage Results Files
Retabulation of same ballots multiple times without resetting countersSame Ballots Counted 4-5 Times
Same Ballots Recounted 2 or 3 Times
Multiple Tabulator Runs
Suspicious ballot processing128,000 ballots processed in less time with reduced crew in Detroit
Vote spikes in four counties exceed tabulation capacity
Suspicious early morning ballot processing figures
128,899 absentee votes that were requested, sent and received but not counted
Tabulator inserts phantom ballot count increments
50,000 ballots counted in 2.5 Hours
Ballots processed multiple times
Ballots returned to counting board not stored in secure containers



168.24j: ContainersNon-approved ballot containers
Unsecured Ballot Deliveries
Ballot Harvesting
Ballots not in sealed containers
Unsecured containers
168.31a: AuditsAntrim County Election: Audit or No Audit?
168.37: Uniform Voting System Exhibit 7 Cyber Ninjas Report
Antrim County: Technology Expert Witness Comparisons
Training Classes Cancelled
MI Affidavit 6 Uniform System Not Adhered To
MI Affidavit 6c Uniform System Not Adhered To
MI Affidavit 14 Uniform System Not Adhered To
Detroit Voters Able to Vote Twice
Election system not uniform
168.509n: SoS DutiesTraining Classes Cancelled
Training Classes Cancelled
Poor Training Conducted
Training Access Issues
168.509r: QVF MaintenanceMI SoS QVF Maintenance Policies
Matt Braynard Analysis
Jennie Zhang Analysis
E-4 Voting Age Population Analysis
Phantom Voters
Voters added to QVF at counting board
Unlisted voters
QVF Manuals
MI SoS Qualified Voter File Record Deletion
168.510: Dead VotersDead voter analysis
168.727: Challenge DocumentationDenied ability enter challenges into Poll Book where Canvassers would have access to challenges
Denied ability to capture challenges in Poll Book
168.734: Challenger InterferenceMI Affidavit 3
MI Affidavit 4
MI Affidavit 6b
MI Affidavit 13
MI Affidavit 14
MI Affidavit 17a
MI Affidavit 26
MI Affidavit 30e
Interference during counting of military ballots
Inability to see duplication process
Poll challengers barred entry from AVCB and windows covered with cardboard
Pizza boxes blocked observation of ballot processing
COVID “Safe Election Guidelines”
168.735: Poll BooksIn Detroit alone, there were at least 4 instances of Poll Books:
AVCB Electronic Poll Book (November 1, 2020 download from QVF)
– Poll-based Electronic Poll Book (November 1, 2020 download from QVF)
Supplemental Paper Poll Books (November 4, 2020 at 3:30am via delivery truck)
– Revised Poll Books (November 16, 2020 at 12:30pm via delivery truck)
PLUS: Ballots processed even if voter name was not in a poll book, Fraudulent entry of names into Electronic Poll Book, and Incorrect Poll Book Times
168.765a AV Counting BoardEarly departure of Detroit Poll Workers
Early departure of Detroit Poll Workers
Disregard for ballot secrecy
Ballots Shipped Directly to Counting Board in Unsecured Mail Containers
168.765 Ballot VerificationE-2 Republicans Who Applied to Work at Detroit AVCB
Application to be Poll Worker not pursued
E-3 Detroit Poll Worker Party Affiliations
E-10 Detroit Poll Inspector
MI Affidavit 2
MI Affidavit 3
MI Affidavit 6 Ballots Not Verified
MI Affidavit 14 Political Bias
MI Affidavit 21 Adjudication Bias
MI Affidavit 24
MI Affidavit 26
MI Affidavit 30
Ballots Not Verified
Republican Poll Worker Denied
Ballot Harvesting
Poll worker access
168.798 Tabulation TestingFailure to execute public accuracy test upon reconfiguring system
Failure to issue public notice or notify non-partisan poll challenger organizations
168.931 Misdemeanor ConductElector “Coaching”
Vote “Incentives”
Intimidation Tactics
Political advocacy
Poll worker “incentives”
Voter “Coaching” and campaign literature
168.932 Felonious ConductE-10 Detroit Poll Inspector
Poll Challenger Interference
Instructed to Pre-Date Absentee Ballots
Instructed not to follow election procedures
Fraud in Southfield, MI
Affidavit of Whistleblower
Fraudulent data entry
Instructed to ignore statute
Trainer instructs poll workers to cheat
Poll Workers instructed to comply with statute “if possible”
Fraudulent duplication of ballots
Discarding “bad” ballots
Modified election records
Instructed to interfere with Poll Challengers
752.11 Law Enforcement ResponsibilityFBI failure to investigate election fraud
Failure to ensure a “Uniform Voting System” by enforcing election law equally

NOTE: Supplemental analysis of statutory violations prepared by Louis Avallone on March 3, 2021 can also be viewed by clicking on this link.


18 Sect 2384 Seditious ConspiracyJoe Biden “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”
Coordinated Lawfare
Molly Ball Time Magazine Article
Voter Protection Program
Absolute Proof
Absolute Interference
Absolute 9-0
ShadowGate 1.0
ShadowGate 2.0
Foreign Influence With Dominion Voting Machines
Dominion Sent Information Election Night To 5 Countries
305th Military Intelligence Battalion Affidavit
Instructed NOT to Verify Chain of Custody
COVID used to subvert election integrity
COVID rules
Assignment of Republican Poll Workers at tables where no duplication occurred
COVID rules used to prohibit oversight
Deliberate recruitment of teenagers to serve as electronic poll book inspectors
COVID rules used to interfere with oversight
52 Sect 20701 Records RetentionMI SoS Document Retention Schedule
52 Sect 20702 Records DestructionAntrim County: Cover Up?
MI SoS Poll Book Data Deletion Directive
MI SoS Software Reinstallation Directive
MI SoS Qualified Voter File Record Deletions
GA Called in Trucks to Get Rid of the Evidence in Fulton County



Article IV Section 1: Legislative Power
(ERRATA: Article I inadvertently cited on palm card)
MI SoS Violates Administrative Procedures Act
Cease and Desist Letter
Article II Section 4: Right to AuditAntrim County Election: Audit or No Audit?
Fact check: Michigan did not authorize a full forensic audit of 2020 election
Court of Claims Filing
Article V Section 8: Faithful Execution of LawsCOVID used as an excuse to issue unlawful orders


Article II Section 1: Plenary Authority of State LegislaturesJanuary 6, 20201 False Flag Event Interfered with constitutional process for evaluating objections
Case for MI Decertification
First Amendment: Freedom of AssemblyCOVID-Related Executive Orders (Rescinded AFTER election)
COVID rules used to interfere with oversight
First Amendment: Freedom of SpeechCensorship of President
First Amendment: Freedom to Redress GrievancesThreats to lawyers filing lawsuits against government officials on behalf of clients
Threats to citizens claiming election fraud
First Amendment: Freedom of PressFox News Channel
Lou Dobbs Cancelled

Influence Operations


President Trump AdsTrump campaign ‘Election Day is Today’ ads removed by Facebook
“Election Fraud” PolicyFox News Channel
Lou Dobbs Cancelled
YouTube ChannelsDe-Platformed Channels
Epoch Times and China Uncensored Among Those De-Monetized
News StoriesNetwork Censorship
Dominion Cease and Desist Letters against Patrick Colbeck
Senator McBroom Letter to Patrick Colbeck
Journalistic Standards
Mike LindellNewsmax Anchor Bob Sellers Walks Off Set
Facebook & Twitter AccountsPresident Trump DELETED
Kayleigh McIneny DELETED
General Mike Flynn DELETED
Sidney Powell DELETED
Mike Lindell DELETED
James O’Keefe DELETED


Search EnginesDr. Robert Epstein Congressional Testimony
News Story SelectionNetworks Pick Favorites Before Election
CNN Vendetta Against Trump
Trump Threatens Lawsuit
Kimmel Treatment of LindellJimmy Kimmel Show
Debate ModeratorsPresidential Debate Committee Membership


FakeNews2020 Media Research Center Report
ShadowGate 1.0
ShadowGate 2.0
Facebook Fact CheckersChecking the Fact Checkers
Checking How Fact-Checkers Check
History of Fact Checking
“All cases have been dismissed”16 out of 23 cases decided on merit in favor of fraud allegations
“Unsubstantiated” EvidenceAntrim County: Technology Expert Witness Comparisons
MI SoS Directive to Clerks
January 6th False FlagPsyOp
Antrim County Vote Tally Issue ResolvedNot ONE of the FOUR recounts in Antrim County yielded the same results
Wayne County Certified”MI Affidavit 10
MI Affidavit 18


Dominion “Cease and Desist” LettersPatrick Colbeck Cease and Desist Letter
Disbarrment ThreatsMI Attorney General threatens sanctions against lawyers pursuing election fraud cases
Doxxing CanvassersMI Representative Aiyash Doxxes Daughter of Wayne County Canvasser
Cancel CultureTop-Rated Lou Dobbs Show Cancelled by Fox Business
Physical ThreatsMI Representative Johnson (D)
Wayne County Canvasser Threatened


Drop BoxesCTCL Grants
Poll WorkersCTCL Grants
Privatization of ElectionsHAVA and Non Profit Reporting
Suspect Financial Relationships

Remedial Action

1. Stop Parroting the “Big Lie” that there is “No Evidence of Election Fraud”Modem Chips Embedded in Voting System Computer Motherboards
Scientific Proof of Election Fraud
Antrim County: Technology Expert Witness Comparisons
Michigan Election Fraud Evidence
2. Promote TransparencyRemove TRO from ASOG Report
Share Livonia and Detroit subpoena data with the public
Honor FOIA requests promptly
3. Protect Election RecordsPer USC 52 Section 20701 records must be preserved for 22 months from date of the election
4. Conduct a Forensic AuditMust demonstrate integrity of Chain of Custody else grounds for decertification of election
5. Decertify ElectionLegislative Options
– Invoke plenary Article II authority
Judicial Options
– Issue Court Order
6. Remove Illegitimate Office Holders From OfficeLegislative Options
– Allocate Electoral College votes as evidence suggests
Judicial Options
– Issue Writ of Quo Warranto
7. Election Reform LegislationRequire demonstration of maintenance of the chain of custody for the following key election artifacts prior to certification of any vote:
– Qualified Voter File
– Poll Books
– Ballots
– Vote Tallies
Establish Election Fraud Specialty Courts
Prohibit use of electronic voting equipment
Require display of Poll Worker Party Affiliation Identification during execution of election processes
Require precinct-level results to be posted 72 hours prior to certification of election results in a spreadsheet compatible format on the web
Require voter ID
Define the rigor required for valid audits and canvassing sufficient to identify chain of custody breaches observed in this past election
Require party approval of poll workers prior to election
Allow poll challenger oversight of ballot envelope signature verification by clerks
Prohibit early voting
Provide law enforcement as well as general public to monitor the chain of custody in cyberspace
Require 24/7 webcam based monitoring of poll books, ballots, and vote tallies

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6 thoughts on “Election Fraud Evidence Primer”
  1. Very appreciative of what you are doing, Patrick. The challenge, as you say, is showing the evidence in a way that SCOTUS and others not only understand but cannot possibly deny this unbelievably enormous cheat and the lengths to which the CCP went. It’s mind-boggling.

    I wonder, could our cyber experts set up a demo that would duplicate the entire process, from beginning to end, the computers, routers, ether-net, high speed modems, etc. Show the attacks, the packet caps — the whole thing?

    1. Yes, they already are showing step by step evidence on the Sites by Mike Lindell pillow guy. Him and Patrick Byrne have tons of Hacker evidence and more. Follow them also. We still have to get started here in Michigan.

  2. Oakland County accounted for 48% of the 195,965 switches from Trump to Biden in the 9 Michigan P-CAPS (out of the 20 Mike Lindell chose).

    Wayne County accounted for only 15%, yet the focus has been on Wayne County where all sorts ol irregularities occurred.

    It should be noted that the nine Michigan P-CAPS total of 195,965, represented 97% of the total 202,657 switches in Michigan.

  3. I can’t find the clip of the bearded man Saturday at the rally in Antrim County, but he seemed knowledgeable and comfortable describing the cheat. I don’t know his name but would like you to post that whole show if possible.

  4. This is fascinating!! Would like to give a big THANK YOU! To everyone involved in this! When the history of these times are written I believe the creators of this site will be talk about like super heros. You will the new founding fathers of the newage of Information. Patriots and seekers of truth will hold this as dear as the Bible. Your just gonna have to have the strength and endurance to withstand the hate and backlash from the evil in the world.
    God bless you!!

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