By Patrick Colbeck

NOTE: Over 240 unique pieces of evidence specific to Michigan is posted so far. Unlike the majority of posts on this site, this post will be updated repeatedly to reflect categorization, additional affidavits and related evidence.

LAST UPDATE 4/26/2021

In this post, I have provided a complete list of the affidavits and other items of evidence to which I have been privy. These affidavits and items of evidence have been redacted to protect affiants from assault, doxing, lawsuits, threats of lawsuits and other forms of intimidation which have been directed at many of those who assert that there was election fraud in this election.

In this compilation, I attempt to differentiated between signed affidavits (i.e. false assertions invite perjury charges) and simply “evidence” meriting further investigation and verification. Many of the affidavits presented have already been entered as exhibits into state and federal lawsuits.

Across the nation, thousands of signed affidavits and other items of evidence attesting to election fraud have been generated. Clearly, assertions that there is no election fraud conflicts with this fact.

Why have these affidavits not been given their day in court? It has not been for a lack of lawsuits (See “Kraken Fashion Statement: Suit After Suit“).

Perhaps the Time Magazine article by Molly Ball entitled “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election” reveals the true answer to that question. There has been a concerted effort by Big Tech, Media, and Deep State operatives to suppress this information.

Well…it will not be suppressed here.

See for yourself the statements made by actual witnesses, including my own, under penalty of perjury if false.

I have chosen to organize these affidavits into the following primary categories in alignment with the structured followed in my Case for the Decertification of Michigan Election Results:

  • Chain of Custody Breaches
  • Statutory Violations
  • Constitutional Violations
  • Voting Systems Vulnerabilities
  • Use of COVID to Subvert Election Integrity

OK…here are the affidavits to which I have been made privy.


Mapping of affidavits, evidence, witness statements, etc. is a work in-process. Updates will be made as time allows.


1 Chain of Custody Breaches

1.1 QVF

MI-6a Affidavit

E-4 Voting Age Population Analysis

E-5 MI Secretary of State Deletes 177,000 Ineligible Voters AFTER the Election

1.2 Poll Books

MI-3 Affidavit

1.3 Ballots

MI-2 Affidavit

MI-3 Affidavit

1.4 Vote Tallies

MI-3 Affidavit

MI-4 Affidavit

MI-5 Affidavit

2 Statutory Violations

2.1 State Statutes

2.1.1 MCL 168.509o Qualified Voter File

2.1.1 MCL 168.735 Poll Books

MI-3 Affidavit

2.1.1 MCL 168.734 Poll Challenger Interference

MI-2 Affidavit

MI-3 Affidavit

MI-4 Affidavit

MI-5 Affidavit

2.1.1 MCL 168.727 Poll Challenges Documentation

MI-3 Affidavit

2.1.1 MCL 168 .765 Bi-Partisan Poll Inspectors

MI-2 Affidavit

MI-3 Affidavit

2.1.1 MCL 168.765a Absentee Ballots

2.1.1 MCL 168.798 Public Notifications

2.1.1 MCL 168.931 Election Official Bias

E-10 Detroit Poll Inspector

MI-3 Affidavit

2.2 Federal Statutes

2.2.1 Title 52 Section 20701

2.2.2 Title 52 Section 20702

3 Constitutional Violations

3.1 Michigan Constitution

3.1.1 Article 1 Section 2

3.1.2 Article 1 Section 3

3.1.3 Article 1 Section 5

MI-4 Affidavit

3.1.4 Article II Section 4

3.2 Federal

3.2.1 Article II Section 1

3.2.2 Freedom of Assembly

3.2.3 Freedom of Speech

E-8 AG Nessel Threatens Patrick Colbeck with Charges for Citing Examples of Election Fraud

E-9 AG Nessel Threatens Attorney Matt DePerno with Sanctions

3.2.4 Freedom of the Press

4 Voting Systems Vulnerabilities

4.1 Foreign Control

MI-1 Affidavit

MI-7 Affidavit

4.2 SCYTL Modules

MI-1 Affidavit

MI-7 Affidavit

4.3 Ranked Choice Voting Module

E-1 Antrim Michigan Forensics Report [redacted]

4.4 Adjudication Process

4.5 Internet Connectivity

MI-1 Affidavit

MI-5 Affidavit

MI-7 Affidavit

E-6 Detroit AV Counting Board Observed Network Topology

E-7 Active Wi-Fi Networks on 11/3-4/20 at Detroit AV Counting Board

5 Use of COVID to Subvert Election Integrity

5.1 Poll Challengers Interference

MI-2 Affidavit

MI-4 Affidavit

MI-5 Affidavit

5.2 Detroit Elections Bureau Stonewalling

5.3 14-Day Extension

5.4 Limits on Freedom of Assembly

Raw List of Affidavits

Affidavits are notarized legal documents in which the assertions are subject to charges of perjury if not true.

MI-1 Affidavit

MI-2 Affidavit

MI-3 Affidavit

MI-4 Affidavit

MI-5 Affidavit

MI-6 Affidavit

MI-6a Affidavit

MI-6b Affidavit

MI-6c Affidavit

MI-7 Affidavit

MI-8 Affidavit

MI-9 Affidavit

MI-10 Affidavit

MI-11 Affidavit

MI-12 Affidavit

MI-13 Affidavit

MI-14 Affidavit

MI-14a Affidavit

MI-15 Affidavit

MI-15a Affidavit

MI-15b Affidavit

MI-15c Affidavit

MI-16 Affidavit

MI-17 Affidavit

MI-17a Affidavit

MI-18 Affidavit

MI-19 Affidavit

MI-20 Affidavit

MI-21 Affidavit

MI-22 Affidavit

MI-23 Affidavit

MI-23a Affidavit

MI-23b Affidavit

MI-23c Affidavit

MI-23d Affidavit

MI-24 Affidavit

MI-25 Affidavit

MI-26 Affidavit

MI-27 Affidavit

MI-28 Affidavit

MI-29 Affidavit

MI-30 Affidavit

MI-30a Affidavit

MI-30b Affidavit

MI-30c Affidavit

MI-30d Affidavit

MI-30e Affidavit

MI-31 Affidavit

MI-32 Affidavit

MI-32a Affidavit

MI-32b Affidavit

MI-32c Affidavit

MI-32d Affidavit

MI-33 Affidavit

MI-34 Affidavit

MI-35 Affidavit

MI-36 Affidavit

MI-37 Affidavit

MI-38 Affidavit

MI-39 Affidavit

MI-40 Affidavit

MI-41 Affidavit

MI-42 Affidavit

MI-42a Affidavit

MI-43 Affidavit

MI-44 Affidavit

MI-45 Affidavit

MI-46 Affidavit

MI-47 Affidavit

MI-48 Affidavit

MI-49 Affidavit

MI-50 Affidavit

MI-51 Affidavit

MI-52 Affidavit

MI-53 Affidavit

MI-54 Affidavit

MI-55 Affidavit

Witness Statements

Witness statements are simply that. The following statements have been provided by witnesses but are not notarized legal documents. The intent of this listing is to provide links to information that could potentially be used to gain notarized attestations.








W-62 MI Senate Oversight Committee Testimony

W-63 MI House Oversight Committee Testimony

Additional Evidence

Miscellaneous evidence related to Election Fraud not generally specific to any individual.

E-1 Antrim Michigan Forensics Report [redacted]

E-2 Republicans Who Applied to be Detroit Poll Workers

E-3 Actual Detroit Poll Worker Party Affiliations

E-4 Voting Age Population Analysis

E-5 MI Secretary of State Deletes 177,000 Ineligible Voters AFTER the Election

E-6 Detroit AV Counting Board Observed Network Topology

E-7 Active Wi-Fi Networks on 11/3-4/20 at Detroit AV Counting Board

E-8 AG Nessel Threatens Patrick Colbeck with Charges for Citing Examples of Election Fraud

E-9 AG Nessel Threatens Attorney Matt DePerno with Sanctions

E-10 Detroit Poll Inspector

E-11 Screen Shots of Fox News Results

E-12 Ballot Number Doesn’t Match

E-13 Ballot Number Doesn’t Match

E-14 TCF Center Picture

E-15 TCF Center Picture

E-16 TCH Center Picture

E-17 TCF Center Picture

E-18 CISA Mail-In Voting Infrastructure Risk Assessment

E-19 Video TCF 11-4 Claims Whitmer Called HHS to Remove Republicans

E-20 Video of Election Canvass

E-21 Facebook Post about Dept of Elections

E-22 Screenshot from Fox 2 showing ballot discrepancies

E-23 Video of Ballots Being Filled Out

E-24.1 Screen Recording of 1900 Birth Year Citizen Added to Registered Voter List

E-24.2 Removal of 1900 Birth Year Citizen After Election

E-25.1 Screen Recording of Registered Voter with 1900 Birth Year

E-25.2 Twitter Screenshot

E-25.3 Twitter Screenshot

E-25.4 Twitter Screenshot Showing 1984 Death Record for Voter

E-25.5 Twitter Screenshot

E-25.6 Twitter Screenshot

E-25.7 Twitter Screenshot

E-26 Voicemail confirming poll worker training

E-27 TCF Photo

E-28 TCF Photo

E-29 TCF Video

E-30 TCF Video

E-31 TCF Video

E-32 TCF Photo

E-33 Police Block Ramp Access at TCF

E-34 Photo of TCF Parking Deck

E-35 Photo of TCF Parking Ramp Elevators

E-36 Photo of TCF Parking Deck

E-37 Photo of TCF Parking Deck

E-38 Photo of TCF Parking Deck

E-39 Audio of Bobby Hesley from Black Voices for Trump outside TCF

E-40 TCF Audio of People Locked Out of TCF

E-41 TCF Audio of People Locked Out of TCF

E-42 TCF Audio of People Locked Out of TCF

E-43 TCF Audio of Democrat Harassing Republicans

E-44 TCF Parking Deck Security Manager Audio

E-45 TCF Parking Deck Security Manager Audio

E-46 TCF Parking Deck Attorney Audio

E-47 TCF Parking Deck Manager Video

E-48 TCF Parking Deck Lockout Video

E-49 Challenger Rights

E-50.1 Tally Summary Tape 1

E-50.2 Tally Summary Tape 2

E-50.3 Tally Summary Tape 3

E-50.4 Tally Summary Tape 4

E-50.5 Tally Summary Tape 5

E-50.6 Tally Summary Tape 6

E-50.7 Tally Summary Tape 7

E-50.8 Tally Summary Tape 8

E-50.9 Tally Summary Tape 9

E-50.10 Tally Summary Tape 10

E-51 Dominion Training Video

E-52 Dominion CEO Testimony Before MI Senate Under Oath

E-53 Discrepancy Between Dominion CEO Testimony and Antrim County Voting System Configuration

E-54 Antrim County Clerk Admits to Election Record Tampering

E-55 Michigan Report by DataScience

E-56 The Immaculate Deception by Peter Navarro

Analysis of the Antrim County, Michigan November 2020 Election Incident.

Exhibits Included in Brief Filed by Attorney Matt DePerno on April 9, 2021

Exhibit 4 Doug Frank Report

Exhibit 6 Jim Penrose Report

Exhibit 7 Cyber Ninja Report

Exhibit 8 Benjamin Cotton Report

Electronic Voting System Documentation

Information related to electronic voting systems highlights key attributes of each electronic voting system.

Michigan Voting Systems by County


Democracy Suite User Guide

Dominion Support Training Notes

Michigan-Dominion Contract Documents

Dominion SOM Contract

Dominion SOM Contract Exhibit Technical Requirements

Dominion SOM Contract Exhibits 3 and 4 System Design

Dominion SOM Contract Exhibit 5 Reports

Dominion Quotes for Michigan Counties (Includes modems)

Georgia-Dominion Contract Documents

GASOS-Dominion Master Solution Purchase and Services Agreement


ES&S System Overview Operator Guide

ES&S System Overview

ES&S System Overview-Texas

EVS5200 Admin

EVS5200 Define

EVS5200 Design

EVS5200 Deliver

EVS5200 Results


Hart SOM Contract Exhibit 2 Technical Requirements


The following information required submittal of FOIA paperwork to obtain.

F-11 Contract 6003032 Pie Management

F-12 Contract 19CJ3448 Election Source

F-13 Election Record A21-02652

F-14 Payroll Winfrey Azzouz

F-15 Christopher Thomas Consulting Invoice

F-16 Daniel Baxter Time Card

F-17 Detroit Poll Workers

This is not an complete list of evidence. It is limited primarily to Michigan evidence to which I have been made privy to date. If you have a compendium of affidavits from other states, please share so that I can create a similar post for other states. Anyone with a notarized affidavit not captured in the list above can send a PDF copy of it to [email protected].


Thank you to all who sacrificed time, treasure, and often much more in support of ensuring the integrity of our elections!

Anyone who still believes that there is no evidence of election fraud is either willfully ignorant or complicit with a coup.

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86 thoughts on “Michigan Election Fraud Evidence”
  1. Mr. Colbeck

    I am trying to digest as much of the information as I can, but it will take a while. I have noticed one discrepancy so far. In the E-2 file (page 2), you list Yvonne Black as a Republican that applied to be an election inspector (i.e. poll worker) at the TCF Center, but was never contacted for service.  However, Yvonne Black also shows up in the E-3 file (page 32) as a Republican ‘CCB SECTION SUPERVISOR’. Is this just a coincidence and there are two people with the same name, or is it possible her name should be removed from one of the lists? What is the source for the E-3 file? I looked for a while, but could not find it. I get the feeling you are a much better detective. It bothers me that there is no party affiliation listing for so many of the election inspectors. I believe this implies those election inspectors violated MCL 168.677(2) by not declaring their party affiliation.  Even more concerning is that the assignment of so few Republican inspectors seems to be a clear violation of MCL 168.674(2). It is interesting that MCL 168.677(3) states that “An election must not be invalidated merely because of the violation of the provisions of this section.” Does this mean that extensive violations of MCL 168.674(2) and MCL 168.677(2) – not to mention all the other violations – can be considered the basis to ‘invalidate an election’?

    It is my belief that there were at least 20 election law statutes that were violated in Michigan during the election. Many seem likely to have occurred state-wide. Most of this ‘belief’ is based on information you and others have documented, but significantly augmented (or confirmed) by my own research. Although you have listed several of the MI election law statutes that were violated, I think there are some missing from your list. Should I outline and summarise them in this comments section? I tried to pass my thoughts via email.  At this point, I feel a bit unfortunate in that I am neither a lawyer or a witness – so my thoughts may just be conjecture. I could try to share my account of Jan 6 in DC, but even that would not be exciting.

    I am going to spend some time looking over a publicly available ‘voter file’ extract from the QVF.  After a very cursory look of names in the area around my name, I can already see a few examples of what at the very least has to be classified as ‘errors’. One person is listed with the last name of ‘.’ (i.e. just a period). In another case, there are separate listings (i.e. two distinct voter ID numbers and registration dates) of ‘voters’ with the same birth year, address, first and last names…. the only difference is one listing has a complete middle name, and the other is just a letter.  I will pass this along if I find a substantial number of similar cases. Maybe it will add a few pebbles to the mountain.

    God Bless Michigan!
    God Bless America!

    Louis Avallone

    1. Louis, Great catch! The list of poll workers was provided by the city of Detroit through FOIA.
      So… It may be a list of all applicants instead of who actually worked!

    2. Beautifully done. And we can’t find an honest judge to actually look at the evidence.

      1. they are starting to appear and pay attention, two in GA have finally come out of retirement to throw the book at some of these criminals, one is going to try and find trustworthy people to review the ballots and results.. others will come forward once these lawsuits begin.. read my other comments? pray if you do that

  2. Great Outline. Look forward to updates and happy to help if you need it.

    BTW, typo in opening paragraph “differentiated” should be “differentiate”.

  3. I listened to most of this live and have no idea why it’s being suppressed.. well I guess we do but thank you for working on this. Keep going we need the truth an to fix this mess.

    1. there are LOTS of guilty parties, in high to low places.. go look at my other comments if you want to , for info.. pray if you do that..

  4. MI governor, sos, ag and deputy gov along with that psycho dem state rep should ALL be in prison!!! MI should have decertified the electoral votes and should revote immediately!!!

  5. Our election was stolen from us, this was nothing but a coup. Why is nothing being done?

    1. Sat in Church this evening and pondered the same. They stole/cheated a US Presidential Election and no Law or Court to raise it.

      1. It is slowly happening, and will open up in a landslide once THE PEOPLE get informed and active.. there is a judge in GA who is now getting ready to have the whole fraud down there exposed, he is trying to find trustworthy people too.. another has thrown the book at those involved.. this will continue the more the people support it.. keep praying , the Truth will out, and the guilty, read Patrick Byrnes book ‘Deep Rig’.. amazon is trying to censor that too! $4.99 at his site as well.. read my other comments if you want to.. there is lots to do, and G-d wants us to do it to save our country, I think so, believe…

    2. Instead of rioting like others do to extort what they want,this side is following the law.. they have had very little time to respond and there are mounds and massive amounts of evidence.. the ones covering and guilty are not cooperating.. now the massive lawsuits, against the ones fighting.. the info will come out now, it has to be seen and heard, and the subpoenas and discovery should open this wide open.. there are a lot of guitly parties.. follow the law suits. read the compilation of this by patrick Byrne ‘Deep Rig’$4.99, go look up Auturo D’elia, Marie Zack.. go see my other comments.. get involved in however you are comfortable.. pray if you do that..

  6. There is plenty of evidence to justify and exhaustive investigation towards the election irregularities regardless of the findings. We certainly spent plenty of time and money investigating Trump.

  7. I am new to this site. I got connected through Gen. McInereny’s Telegram channel. I am in prayer right now and thought I would pop in for updates. on the election.

    1. Read my other responses.. there is lots to do, go to read there,and at her telegram account.. the interview with Doug Billings… read the compilation book by Patrick Byrne $4.99 , even amazon is censoring the title.. ‘Deep Rig’.. go look up Auturo D’elia and Marie Zack.. etc

  8. Everyone knows there was massive amounts of voter fraud. Everyone want to see something done about it, not just see the proof. People are starting to give up to the point where they will never vote again.

    1. get active.. there is a video of SidneyPowell at her telegram site with a link to Doug Billings, she also gives ideas on how to get involved.. go read and send out the compilation of the election fraud by Patrick Byrne ‘Deep Rig’ $4.99 , Amazon is actually trying to Censor its title! One can buy it elsewhere. . he was going to gve it for free.. but told it would sell better if he put some small fee on it.. he did, that is the lowest he can sell it for! Go look , get informed, follow and write to your local trustworthy (ha) people in yur states, find the trustworthy judges, etc and ask them to get involved. this is about saving our country!Maybe Patrick at this site will write something out that we all can follow to get involved.. Support Lauren Boebert, and Marjorie Greene in Congress, they are fighting for us and the facts , while being battered by the .. most likely , guilty, but at least the opposition.. look up articles by Gordon Chang and interviews by his wife Jennifer Chang, but realize they are probably followed by the ccp.. their articles are online .. Go see and ask yourself, why the Vatican is involved, the prominent religions involved, like on the SCOTUS and why these judges are refusing to even see the evidence, or others are not refuting evidence, but ignoring it.. etc..

    1. See my replies.. there is lots to do, even if one just wants to read Patrick Byrnes compilation of the fraud in his book ‘Deep Rig’.. go to his site, it’s only $4.99, he was going to give it for free.. do what you want to do.. the next steps are to get informed , find out who is doing, or not doing what, follow the massive lawsuits trying to discredit and shut up the ones fighting for our country, that are coming up.. get as involved as much or little as you want to.. we are fighting for our country..

  9. Just wanted to know who is going to hear this. So far I have personally seen so much evidence of voter fraud and other crimes, but our judicial system won’t hear any of it. Who will this go to?

    1. Need to file criminal charges of maldeasance which is easier to prove using friendly jurisdictions. Once convicted they are out and appealing as a private citizen.

    2. This is beginning to change, once it is out of the hands of those involved in the defrauding, find out who supports the looking at evidence, sometimes retired judges will do this, get involved, .. read my other comments..

  10. My comment is future elections will be controlled if this is not fixed. I just tell you all God is involved now and he is going to clean it up. It is going to get nasty and many of us patriots will suffer Satan and his imps wrath but in the end God will have his way.

  11. President Trump is our President and we need to fix this NOW. Everyone thinks we can’t go back but that’s not true. We need to go back. It’s the right thing to do and the lying has to end. Then President Trump will get another term because they’ve already stolen several months from him and removed a lot of work he’s done to help our country. Now it will take him a year or more to fix what these demonRats have ruined in a few month. We have to round up who knows how many illegals and remove them and finish the wall. Get the bailout money back before they squander those tax dollars of ours. This nation was built on God and it shall remain Gods country. God created this earth and no one can destroy it no matter how hard they try. Climate change is not ours to fix it is the Lords so people get over it. You can change what God has created so stop trying. God is in charge not the devil.

      1. We ALL have to get vocal and involved on the level you are comfortable! I think the SCOTUS needs to hear our disagreements as well, and to be called out.. for what seems like fraud .. and bias and maybe even religious bias.. they are failing us..
        find judges , maybe even retired , who will address these issues fairly like they are suppose to be doing… the evidence is NOT refuted, it is being ignored.. by the guilty , most likely…

  12. This is such great information. Fantastic work…So much here … the election was stolen! The real truth is @POTUS won with 100 million votes nearly every state…

  13. Absolutely incredible the extremes they went to in order to commit this total fraud!! I think what pisses me off most is how blatant and in your face method of doing it!!

    1. Exactly! They think the WE THE PEOPLE are that stupid, or just not paying attention enough.. they are leading us into slavery to the CCP, want to see what else this is about, go read GordonChang articles , he is a usa vetted citizen expert on CCP, and Jennifer Chang has her own site with interviews, as well.. Some factual articles out here that cover the blatant CCP collection of USA DNA and world wide to use as war fare.. and much more, so people rightfully ask, hey , what is in our vaccines.. who is behind this, why is big tech censoring, because this is their money lines they are trying to protect.. others want to dictate what we think, and they want to control who wins.. read, get informed , get involved.. some of Sidney powells videos , one at telelgram with doug billings , a link , she talks about what people can do.. or ask patrick at this site.. to spell it out for people, he did a great job here… we all have to get involved..

  14. Where can I send tons of
    E v I d E n C e??? Victim comments. Videos. Caught n the act. Pictures. Recordings.
    Also recording govt worker teaching class on how to change ballots & how handle voters when handing them SHARPIES. And lots ways they did it alot haven’t seen and copys of sales where machines DOMINION were bought for millions. Some county’s still owe. And videos where machines were tested. ???

    1. Send it to there is a contact form there as well where you can ask her! Do it fast, they are about to go to court on these law suits.. thanks!

  15. We must act NOW or no more America as we made it.

    We must moove on streets now, WHAT MORE EVIDENCE WE NEED:







  16. I spent hundreds of hours watching all of the state hearings, the first federal hearing, the only Nevada court case that didn’t give enough time to force the evidence out and everything I could find from private sources. In the end I was so heartsick that I envied my friends that just watched OANN for their election status updates. Nothing is being done here in Ca. The local action group covering about a million people has 12 members. What happened? How did we go from a people to a digital address? Nothing can be done from behind a computer or TV. The powers that subvert are not afraid of digital threats. I do hope that all of your hard work pays off and we do force recognition and redress. The only other way out of this is to fight for our very existence. I explain that opinion below.
    I worked on the Label GMOs campaign in 2012. We had it stolen by vote flipping in the two largest population counties in California. No redress. Why would we expect anything different now? In a valley containing 300k people we had two, yes, two people who cared enough to campaign for a serious threat to human health.
    Now we are experiencing a Communist coup. The historical outcome of which has always been a genocide. Dave Hodges and Steve Quaille reported that Nancy Pelosi’s laptop contained a file discussing how to eliminate 75-100 million Americans. Genocide. Maybe this will get people to talk to their neighbors. I asked Epoch Times to look into it but I did not receive a reply. I have written to my Congressman. No reply.
    We better hope the good guys really do have that laptop.

  17. With all this fraud and lying and cheating that went on during a 20/20 election why is nobody been prosecuted and why has this not made it through Court what we can do to correct the 2020 election

  18. I’m so appreciative of the work the righteous ones continue to do. May your family and work be protected by heaven. You are an encouragement.

  19. I want to investigate Kent county s election…how to start? I see what I feel are statistical improbabilities…

    1. Contact Patrick? ASK.. do it fast, the law suits are going to start soon… they need all of you behind them…

      1. Also go watch Sidney Powell on her video with Doug Billings , you can find that at her telegram account.. a link.. she gives ideas.. Patrick at this site has done a fantastic job

  20. Hi, I think an easier way to hold people accountable is to file charges of malfeasance, medical and legal malpractices for failing their oaths and abusing their power. We the people are their clients and have been harmed by their actions and failures to act accordingly. These charges can be brought in many different state courts and jurisdictions. Can use friendly sheriffs to make the arrests since the state police is not at our disposal since they have failed to arrest those who have committed known crimes. Lets explore this option which can have quicker results, one conviction should snowball into many convictions, once charged people will start taking deals to save their hide from being thrown under the bus but the powers that be. We can use all the evidence presented here along with their spoken words.This should be a slam dunk on cleaning house.

    1. I’ve been hoping WE THE PEOPLE would find some attys that will sue for all of US , damages are HUUUUUGE!!!!! Or IMMENSE! if you prefer that word! The attys we know of may help after they get through these phases.. eg. Sidney Powell, LIn Wood, VanderVeen, etc..

  21. This is all good, but like so many other states/examples, the information is overwhelming. Most people will not take time to read through it all. I believe a format that summarizes the data in a concise TABLE would help. This would be available on your website and show the election results AND your evidence to refute it, specifically, Category, #Votes. Clickable links would drill down to details and include county or precinct levels and #votes where appropriate. Good job! The truth about Nov. 3 needs to be exposed. People are naive to believe this did not happen in our country.

  22. It feels so hopeless in Michigan. My senator’s aide admitted legislators are 100% aware of election fraud as it took place in 2016 and 2018. Yet they did nothing. Now our election was stolen again by the left and not only did they steal our President and US senator, they got 2 liberal judges on the Supreme Court, RINO Peter Meijer, and God knows how many other cheaters. Whitmer is an insane tyrannical dictator. She vetoes everything the legislators send her. Both Benson and Whitmer are Soros plants. Nessel is an activist nut job pushing her own sorted agendas. Michigan is a RED state. Period. Until our legislators, whom we elect to represent us, get in the mud and fight this evil brought onto us by RINO Rick Snyder and RINO Ruth Johnson, who purchased Dominion cheating machines, Detroit and other liberal city hubs will keep cheating and will eventually succeed in destroying the state of Michigan.

    1. Who is your senators aide.. send the info you have to on her contact form , so that they can subpoena if it is good info.. they are busy getting ready for trial , having been sued .. so do it asap.. get involved .. follow the trials.. get involved where you live.. ask patrick at this site for help.. his work is very good

  23. This is all great info but until someone will address this that is all it is !!! Mike Lindell has a 2 hour video of exactly what happened and nobody will address it !!

    1. That is the whole point, ‘they’ are censoring everything to cover their arses, and controlling the PEOPLE with lies and coverups.. LOT’s of guilty people.. Get the word out , also Patrick Byrnes book , (amazon is censoring the title!).. Deep Rig.. go to his site , etc.. Ask patrick at this site to let people know what to do, in Sidney Powells videos /interviews, she addresses these and tells people what they can do.. there is a good on on her telegram site by Doug Billings @Sidneypowell telegram. Follow the law suits.. speak up.. Lots of people are listening.. over 80-100 million.. this is deep stuff.. we all have to pull together! Expose it! They owe the PEOPLE! and some around the world.. Go find Auturo D’elia and Marie Zack..


  25. This is an amazing compilation of election fraud evidence! I would like to thank Patrick and all who have put time and effort into this project. I pray it will be seen and taken seriously as we press forward toward election ingrity. I also pray that those involved will be held accountable for their crimes.

  26. Live Results Election Night screenshot from FoxNews: with 66% reporting in Barry County, Natural Law Candidate Rocky De La Fuente, is leading Trump with several hundred votes with no votes for Biden being reported. By Midnight, the “results” magically reversed and disappeared. My Michigan Senator Ruth Johnson (R) still has not provided me an explanation after multiple attempts to obtain one.

  27. This list is just one of many pieces of evidence of voter fraud and foreign influence related to the 2020 presidential Election. The Q legal team presented volumes of this evidence to many courts and to the SCOTUS and not one single judge would hear one shread of evidence? Not one? This is so hard for me, An Americal Patriot, to believe! This corrupt President and cabinet, corrupt FBI and DOJ is being allowed to completely change this country right under our noses and it appears that no one is making any effort to right the ship before it sinks. I am so shocked at the apparent lack of effort. I am wondering when the true Patriots get angry enough to start the civil war.

  28. Thank-you for making this evidence election / voter of fraud public !! I received a card to request a mail in ballot for MI in CT, even though I have had not lived in MI for years. I joke that my cats only voted in MI,.. twice. FYI I discarded the card as I am a CT voter.

  29. @Hopefulview 4 minutes ago

    Here is a way we Patriots can fight back against the tyrant’s running our country. Every Patriot should be encouraged to give 10% or more of their stimulus money to Save America PAC and/or to Lin Wood and Sydney Powell’s legal funds!!

  30. Very nicely organized. Thank you so much for all the work. If you’ve ever been to a Trump rally, You know the election was stolen. Although that is not admissible in court. So far neither is all the evidence you’ve provided.

  31. What is next ? Will this change the outcome? Can this overturn everything and make Trump back in office ?

    1. Judges in MS and NJ have ordered re-votes albeit at a smaller scale. Court order remains in play.

    2. The law says they are suppose to keep all voter ‘stuff’ for at least 22 months after an election for exactly these purposes.. we have seen ballots burning, trucks of ballots being carried places.. coverups.. what WE THE PEOPLE can do is stay informed about the law suits, what is happening, see if you can go to your own counties , find orgs to help expose this, find attys that are trustworthy, even if retired , who will look into these things, find out how to object to what you disagree with.. stay on it, including the SCOTUS.. and report fraud.. this whole thing is worse than a third world country corruption .. it has to stop.. ask people on this and other sites what you can do.. good for you…

  32. wow, good work Patrick! Can’t say enough about that! Now, if EVERYONE would stand up and say, do the right things, we can get this done.. . Great Job! Patriotic American!

  33. Can someone tell me about PA. We have dominion machines in my county. I havent heard anything about an investigation for the 2020 Pa election. Ive been sending messages after the election, watched the hearings but it seems like noone is paying attention to Phila and surrounding counties. Why not???

  34. OK, think about this, why would Dominion Voting systems and other machines, that are programmable , bought up by certain people involved to determine the vote count…. why are they suing each person standing up to expose this massive fraud, for $1.3 billion $ to try to shut them up? We are talking about the brave americans in the press (research who they are suing!) that are reporting the way things should be reported not the censored , mind control, media the way it is.. why are so many people being censored, by big tech, and others threatened/or threatening , from the top down. If you look up Marie Zack ItalyDId it!’ Obama did it!.’.Auturo E’elia affidavit, you will find out just how deep this really is.. and why we need everyone to fight for your country in whatever way you are comfortable, but unlike the other side,regularly does, we do it through the law and no violence.. When honest people and judges see the massive irrefutable evidence, there is no contest. Get informed, see my comments below if you want to, get involved however you will. to save our beautiful country.. Read ‘Deep Rig’$4.99 by Patrick Byrne, boycott those censoring, big tech, find out their involvement! CCP controlled sites like google, read GordonChang articles and his wife Jennifer Chang interviews.. Follow the law suits, support , find out what else you can do.. if you pray, pray..

  35. Would love a gofundme to advertise great commercials highlighting all the evidence and updates. Then contact your representatives to DO SOMETHING NOW!

  36. We have to rectify the 2020 election before we can move forward as a country or even focus o 2022 otherwise it will just happen again.

  37. You are all kidding yourself if you think you are changing anything.
    First of all, why is the election process of one state have more BS than Encyclopedia Brittanica. I know, let’s baffle them with more BS.

    Rules to vote:
    Over 18
    Registered to vote
    Proof of American citizenship
    Never had a felony conviction
    A picture ID
    One other thing to help solve all those cold cases that have DNA evidence.
    One teeny drop of blood.
    Our forefathers have shed blood by the gallons,
    To make sure that this BS didn’t happen.
    Its time to put all this technology to work for something other than a device that turns your lights on and off since flipping that switch takes our last remaing strength, or for any kind of anything, never thought was possible to do with someone, something, organic, or inorganic, that you can search for and have instantly pop up on a huge screen right in front of you.
    I am pretty certain that we could create a fair, legitimate, accurate, voting process, that can be done anywhere, at anytime by the good folks here in America or those serving abroad.
    Plus it will get rid of three months of having to wait for legitimate or illegitimate votes..
    Maybe even donate some blood or plasma while your at and make a few bucks, and possibly even do something good like save someone’s life.

  38. Patrick colbeck. I have the list of 177,000 voters purged after the michigan election was certified. Tens of thousands in Kent county…how do I approach county clerk to verify none of these folks voted? And what happened to the absentee ballots sent to them?

  39. General you are absolutely correct! Future elections in jeopardy if 2020 election is not corrected! We all can kiss the GOP goodbye! And all will be left is corrupted RINO and evil Democrats!

  40. This is fabulous! And when it’s all ironed out at the end of the day to the point of there being zero doubt of election fraud for anyone, I have just one question…what will be done about it? Is there hope of this election being reversed even though the President has been inaugurated?

  41. I so appreciate this comprehensive list of voter fraud in Michigan. Thank you for taking time to compile it all. I am passing on to my state rep, Bryan Posthumus, who believes there is NOT much evidence of fraud. I hope your work will dispel his view. Looking forward to delving into it more myself.

    Gratefully yours,,

  42. Do not Falter keep moving forward
    Truth will prevail
    They will Fail in the whole scheme
    Always Remember
    Never Forget

    We as whole hearted Americans have a love for this country, out children’s children will follow in our footsteps the We the people did not flex

  43. Thank you for putting yourself out there and in harms way to reach the truth. You are very brave and a true American . .

  44. I can’t believe anyone can be so brainwashed they feel half of America is lying. We know there was massive election fraud. No one will even click a link. It’s horrible.

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