By Patrick Colbeck

Mike Lindell has now released another documentary. This one is called Scientific Proof. This documentary features Dr. Doug Frank and is a compelling follow-up to his documentary Absolute Proof.

Key assertions made in documentary:

  • One can accurately predict the 2020 voter turnout by age accurately for all counties in OH and CO based upon 2010 demographics
  • Proves that the 2020 election results were determined by a computer algorithm
  • Proves that the 2020 election results were fraudulent

Key takeaways regarding 2020 election fraud investigations:

  • Evidence demonstrates why it is important to consider the complete chain of custody when assessing integrity of election not simply the ballots. If one links is broken, the integrity of the entire election is compromised.
  • Voter registration database was used as a vote “slush fund” to assign voters to ballots “stuffed” into voting machines to produce altered election results
  • Highlights importance of cleaning up voter registration rolls BEFORE an election

Stay tuned for a detailed election fraud map that provides additional clarity as to exactly how the 2020 election was stolen.

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7 thoughts on “Scientific Proof of Election Fraud”
  1. Can you please post a link of the website where people can donate to your legal defense fund?

  2. Thank you Mike Lindell you are a great American! We will Win in the end God is on our side!

    1. I agree with all that you say I’m just afraid we don’t have that much more time people are really losing jobs that I know of personally I had to say probably I’m going to be losing my home and it’s not about just me it’s about the children and everything it’s the whole package that’s scaring me Michael Mike Lindell has come a long way he’s a wonderful man I appreciate his work and efforts into our country I’m a true patriot and love Trump and I have a lot of patience but they are wearing thin I’m sure I speak for many many true Patriots at the same time we understand good things take time

  3. If there is such facts then why can’t everything be reversed? Trump deserves to be the President!

  4. […] Mike Lindell has released his latest documentary on 2020 Election Fraud.  This one features Dr. Doug Frank and it provides irrefutable evidence of algorithmic manipulation of election results.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.Time to decertify the 2020 election results…and not simply the Presidential race results. […]

  5. At the symposium, they need to make sure there are no gaps in the explanation and consider questions that might be asked, like: How does this graph compare to a completely fair election? Do you have examples of the fair election data?

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