Produced by Millie Weaver

It was a PsyOp! (Psychological Operation)

COMMENTARY by Patrick Colbeck

Key Takeaways:

  • Election results were pre-determined before November 3rd
  • January 6th events were pre-planned…by Biden supporters not Trump supporters
  • Republicans were complicit with election fraud through organizations such as The Lincoln Project and the Transition Integrity Project
  • Media narratives were generated by coup leaders
  • It was a conspiracy that subverted the integrity of the election…and they are bragging about it.

SEE PsyOps by clicking link below.

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Louis Avallone
Louis Avallone
1 year ago

Mr Colbeck,
It may just be my browser, but the link to the video did not work. I could cut and past the link to get to the (base) site, and then play the video. I saved a link to the video, but when I tried to go to (my) saved video link directly, it also did not work.


Sally McFarland
Sally McFarland
1 year ago

Where do we go from here?

Bethany Wheeler
Bethany Wheeler
1 year ago

Hi Aunt Sally,
Keep sharing the evidence. Keep praying!