By Patrick Colbeck


The goal of this phase is to prevent anyone from overturning the fraudulent election results.


4.1.1Federal law stipulating need to preserve all records needed for votingUSC 52 Section 20701
4.1.2November 3, 2020 version of the Qualified Voter File listing of statewide absentee votersState of Michigan
4.1.3Letter to MI Secretary of State and Bureau of Elections Director regarding QVF record management anomaliesLouis Avallone
4.1.4Letter from State of Michigan Bureau of Elections directing clerks to destroy election recordsState of Michigan
4.1.5Letter from Election Source to county clerkOceana County Clerk
4.1.6Dominion Preventative Maintenance Checklist for ICX machines per contractState of Michigan
4.1.7Nashville Christmas morning bombingTennessean
4.1.8SunGard data center near center of explosionTennessee Star
4.1.9SunGard lineageWikipedia
4.1.10Connection between Systematics and Hillary Rodham ClintonWikipedia
4.1.11Antrim County election resultsChannels 9 and 10
4.1.12Antrim County vote tally volatilityBailey v Antrim County
4.1.13Attorney Matt DePerno website containing Bailey v Antrim County court
4.1.14Bailey v Antrim County lawsuit remedial actions desiredBailey v Antrim County
4.1.15Official announcement of December 17, 2020 audit in Antrim CountyBailey v Antrim County
4.1.16John Poulos testimony under oath before the MI Senate Oversight
4.1.17Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy admitting to ordering the destruction/modification of election


4.2.1Official Wayne County Board of Canvassers report revealed 0 voters against 172,337 ballotsWayne County
4.2.271% of Detroit Precincts out of balanceWayne County
4.2.3Announcement of State Board of Canvassers meeting to decide state certification of 2020 voteState of Michigan
4.2.4Michigan Secretary of State announcement of statewide audit resultsState of Michigan
4.2.5Evidence that December 17, 2020 was not an audit but rather simply a recountTheGatewayPundit
4.2.6Judge Kevin Elsenheimer ruling that an audit had been conducted in dismissal of caseCircuit Court


4.3.1John Poulos MI Senate Testimony “Count the Ballots”MI Senate
4.3.2MI Senate Report “Count the Ballots” narrative exampleMI Senate Report
4.3.3MI Senate Report “Count the Ballots” narrative example MI Senate Report
4.3.4Testimony of Wayne County Board of Canvassers Chairperson Monica PalmerMonica Palmer
4.3.5Wayne State University Vice President rant during public commentWayne County
4.3.6MI State Rep-Elect Abraham Aiyash rant during public commentWayne County
4.3.7Detroit TV Report “A closer look at Wayne County canvassers Monica Palmer and William Hartmann”WDIV
4.3.8“Trump, who now claims fraud, got more votes in Detroit than most Republicans”BridgeMI
4.3.9“We need to teach people how to actually do research.”CNN
4.3.10“You must not do your own research…”Forbes
4.3.11AP review of Patrick Colbeck election fraud videoAP News
4.3.12MI Senate Oversight Committee HearingNTD News
4.3.13MI House Oversight Committee HearingNTD News
4.3.14Rep Johnson Comments on NDA’sThe Gateway Pundit
4.3.15MI Senate Oversight Committee Report MI Senate Report
4.3.16President Obama Tweet Lauding Senator McBroomWCBK
4.3.17President Trump Statement Deriding Senator McBroomTrump Site
4.3.18MI Secretary of State Letter to Cheboygan County ClerkClerk
4.3.19Election Source Letter to Clerks
4.3.20MI Secretary of State Letter to Adams Township ClerkClerk
4.3.21Hillsdale County Deputy Clerk Email to Adams Township ClerkClerk
4.3.22Cease and Decease Letters from Clare Locke on Behalf of
4.3.23DoJ Threat to AZ SenateNPR
4.3.24MI Senate Encourages AG to investigate those claiming election fraudDetroit News
4.3.25AG Nessel threatEpoch Times
4.3.26DHS Terrorism Advisory
4.3.27FBI promoting Jan 6
4.3.28Stark difference between investigation of 2020 general election and other digital crimesNPR
4.3.29News story designed to intimidate canvassers and discourage voters from responding to their inquiriesBridge Michigan
4.3.30News story designed to marginalize new members of the boards of canvassersSlate
4.3.31List of 2020 general election court casesElection-Integrity.Info
4.3.32Twitter blocks tweets of a sitting President but not an Iranian TerroristNYPost
4.3.33Twitter blocks tweets from son of a sitting President (July 2020)Twitter
4.3.34Twitter bans QAnon accountsBloomberg
4.3.35Facebook removes Pro-Trump ad during a campaignFoxNews
4.3.36Facebook Fact CheckersLet’s Fix Stuff
4.3.37YouTube removalsLet’s Fix Stuff search
4.3.40Hassan BeydounDetroit News
4.3.41Amber McCannState of Michigan
4.3.42Who was really behind January 6? Featuring suspected Agent Provocateur John SullivanMillie Weaver
4.3.43Ray Epps actively called for Trump supporters to storm the CapitolNewsweek
4.3.44Plans for Insurrection include locations of police stations and mediaMillie Weaver
4.3.45Planners for Insurrection include government employees and contractorsMillie Weaver
4.3.46DC Occupation PhotoAnn Vandersteel
4.3.47Molly Ball ArticleTime Magazine
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