By Patrick Colbeck


The goal of this phase is to inject or shift a sufficient number of votes to overcome any deficit resulting from inaccurate voter turnout projections. Minimizing the risk of detection is no longer a primary concern.


3.1.1“Change in tone” TCF Center Timeline Report
3.1.2Poll Challenger harassment escalates TCF Center Timeline Report
3.1.3Jesse Jacobs “Post it” note TCF Center Timeline Report
3.1.4Articia Bomer TCF Center Timeline Report
3.1.5List of Michigan election laws violatedLetsFixStuff
3.1.6Unapproved ballot containers TCF Center Timeline Report
3.1.7Tabulator Workstation at Detroit AV Counting Board TCF Center Timeline Report
3.1.8Active WiFi networks at TCF Center on election nightAffidavit


3.2.1Edison Election Night Report JSON feed NYT JSON Data
3.2.2SolarWinds Orion Platform user
3.2.3Mike Lindell cyber attack
3.2.4DVD files found on voting systems in Antrim County, MIBailey v Antrim County
3.2.5Helena Township voting system directoryBailey v Antrim County
3.2.6SQL Server Management StudioBailey v Antrim County
3.2.7August 2019 DefCon Presentation on how to spoof ballot imagesDef Con 27
3.2.8Cyber Symposium hacked
3.2.9Votes submitted exceeds tabulator capacityRamsland Affidavit
3.2.10Vote flipping across the statesNavarro Report
3.2.11Series of resets after Florida is calledNYT JSON Data
3.2.12Suspicious ratios NYT JSON Data
3.2.13Michigan Edison reset at 5:04am Eastern NYT JSON Data
3.2.14Negative vote incrementsJohnWayne_FightOn
3.2.15Antrim County, MI vote fluctuationsBailey v Antrim County
3.2.16Rep Camilleri victory tweetAnonymous
3.2.17Rep Camilleri website update featuring results prior to votes being counted Anonymous
3.2.18Actual election results Anonymous
3.2.19Missing ballots in Grand RapidsAffidavit
3.2.20Suspicious ballot markings in Oakland CountyAffidavit
3.2.21Video footage of late night ballot deliveriesThe Gateway Pundit
3.2.22Petition for a Manual Recount Based on Malfeasance and Fraud asserting late night ballot deliveriesTom Joe Barrow, Detroit Mayoral Candidate
3.2.23Story released in wake of Gateway Pundit video footage of late night ballot drops. Since deleted from Free Press
3.2.24Sequential absentee ballot numbers TCF Center Timeline Report
3.2.25Poll books connected to the internet TCF Center Timeline Report
3.2.26Names not in poll book and poll challenger obstruction TCF Center Timeline Report
3.2.27Names not in poll book. TCF Center Timeline Report
3.2.28Names not in poll book. 01/01/1900 birthdate added. Poll challenger obstruction. TCF Center Timeline Report
3.2.29Provision ballots tabulated prior to verification TCF Center Timeline Report
3.2.30Supplemental sheets used to process ballotsAffidavit
3.2.31Evidence of “Cooking the Books” in Wayne


3.3.1Media account of what happened in TCF CenterDetroit Free Press
3.3.2Poll challengers barred from entry and windows blocked by pizza boxesPoll Challenger Photo
3.3.3Poll challengers denied access TCF Center Timeline Report
3.3.4Fact Check on lockout by mediaUSA Today
3.3.5Media covers up fraud at TCF CenterWDIV


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