By Patrick Colbeck


The goal of this phase is to win the battle before most believe it is even being fought by creating weaknesses in the election system or enhancing existing weaknesses that maximize chance of fraudulent victory while minimizing the risk of ever being caught.


1.1.1Ballot Proposals 2018-3BallotPedia
1.1.2Promote the Vote Funding SourcesMichigan Campaign Finance Network
1.1.3Priorities USAPrioritiesUSA
1.1.4Priorities USA LawsuitPriorities USA v. Jocelyn Benson
1.1.5MI SoS Revised Signature Verification GuidanceSignature Verification Guidance
1.1.6Judge Murray RulingDetroit News
1.1.7Last minute ballot statewide ballot change communications Bailey v Antrim County
1.1.8Last minute changes to Mancelona Village ballots Bailey v Antrim County
1.1.9Late shipment of ballots 3 weeks after deadline Bailey v Antrim County
1.1.10Absentee Ballot Mailing AnnouncementWDIV
1.1.11State of Michigan Post-Election Audit ManualMI Bureau of Elections
1.1.12Evaluation of Effectiveness of Post-Election Audit Manual in Detecting FraudLet’s Fix Stuff
1.1.13MI Bureau of Elections “6 Foot Rule” MI Safe Elections Manual
1.1.14Lawsuit Seeking Injunction on 6 Foot RuleStephen Carra and Robert Cushman v. Jocelyn Benson
1.1.15Detroit Poll Worker TrainingBig League Politics
1.1.16State of Michigan Contract with Hart InterCivicState of Michigan
1.1.17State of Michigan Contract with Dominion Voting Systems State of Michigan
1.1.18State of Michigan Contract with ES&S State of Michigan
1.1.19Dominion Image Cast Central State of Michigan
1.1.20Dominion Image Cast Precinct State of Michigan
1.1.21Dominion ICX State of Michigan
1.1.22Lenberg Central Vote ManipulationBailey v. Antrim County
1.1.23Cyber Ninjas SQL Server Management Studio FindingBailey v. Antrim County
1.1.24Dominion Internet-Based Network Design State of Michigan
1.1.25Dominion Quotes for Internet Equipment State of Michigan
1.1.26Dominion Communications with Antrim County About Internet Connection IssuesBailey v. Antrim County
1.1.27ES&S DS200 4G Wireless Modem Hidden on Motherboard Bailey v. Antrim County
1.1.28Hart InterCivic Wireless ModemMichigan Township Clerk
1.1.29Pro V&V AccreditationU.S. Election Assistance Commission
1.1.30SLI Compliance AccreditationU.S. Election Assistance Commission
1.1.31Dominion login hosted on Solarwinds platformEpoch Times, NPR
1.1.32Press Release on Hiring of Jessica Bowers by EACCyberscoop
1.1.33Jessica Bowers U.S. EAC RoleU.S. Election Assistance Commission
1.1.34Jessica Bowers U.S. EAC Contact InformationU.S. Election Assistance Commission
1.1.35State Requirements and the Federal Voting System Testing and Certification ProgramU.S. Election Assistance Commission
1.1.36Former MI State Election Director Chris Thomas NASED AffiliationNational Association of State Elections Directors
1.1.37Senior Advisor to City of Detroit Elections Bureau, Chris Thomas TCF Center Timeline Report
1.1.38State of Michigan RFP Requirement for EAC Certification of Voting Systems State of Michigan
1.1.39EAC Testing and Certification Program Disallowance of Wireless SystemsU.S. Election Assistance Commission
1.1.40State of Michigan Modem Communication RequirementsState of Michigan
1.1.41Dominion EAC Certification U.S. Election Assistance Commission
1.1.42ES&S EAC Certification U.S. Election Assistance Commission
1.1.43Hart Intercivic Certification U.S. Election Assistance Commission
1.1.44Database Credentials Stored in Plain Text Without Encryption Bailey v. Antrim County
1.1.45Passwords Stored as an Unsalted Hash Bailey v. Antrim County
1.1.46“Tuning Digital PID Controllers for Discrete-Time System by Election Campaign Optimization Algorithm”IEEE
1.1.47Stuxnet virus demonstrates how “air-gapped” system was compromisedZero Days


1.2.1MI Election Security Advisory CommissionState of Michigan
1.2.2State by State Voter Registration Data U.S. Election Assistance Commission
1.2.3MI Voting Age Population AnalysisAnonymous
1.2.4Reference to 800,000 ineligible votersLetter from Senator Ruth Johnson
1.2.5Data Sharing Agreement between State of Michigan and Rock The VoteElection Integrity Fund and Glen Sitek v Jocelyn Benson
1.2.6Ballots using standard 11×17 paper stock Bailey v Antrim County
1.2.7Ballot Images Stored in PDF Format Bailey v Antrim County
1.2.8Ballot mark anomalies Bailey v Antrim County


1.3.1Transition Integrity
1.3.2Bill Gates contributed $319.4 million towards media
1.3.3AFL-CIO Labor 2020
1.3.4Power the Polls
1.3.5Election Simulation presentation by Sunrise Movement
1.3.61630 Fund Influence Watch
1.3.7Center for Tech and Civic Life Influence Watch
1.3.8Center for Election Innovation & Research Influence Watch
1.3.9The Michigan Center for Election Law and Administration Influence Watch
1.3.10Progressive funding paths identified by Amistad Project Amistad Project
1.3.11Democracy Defense organizes Federal Workers
1.3.12148 Partner organizations aligned to “Protect the Results”
1.3.13Voting Rights Suppression TrackerBrennan Center
1.3.14Search Results for “Voter Suppression”Google
1.3.15Election Infrastructure Cyber Risk AssessmentCISA
1.3.16Iranian Connection to Edison ResearchKing v Whitmer
1.3.17China access to Dominion voting systems King v Whitmer
1.3.18Russia ConnectionSenate Intelligence Committee
1.3.19China Connection to Dominion King v Whitmer
1.3.20CISA Alert on Iranian Advanced Persistent Threat ActorsCISA
1.3.21October 30, 2020 DHS warning of Edison Research Compromised by China/Iran APT’sDHS
1.3.22Venezuela Connection King v Whitmer
1.3.23Dominion Serbian connection King v Whitmer
1.3.24City of Detroit Expenditures for CTCL GrantCity of Detroit
1.3.25Illusory Provisions of State of Michigan Contract with Dominion State of Michigan
1.3.26Detroit Elections Bureau Interference with Poll ChallengerAffidavit
1.3.27The Election Influence Operations PlaybookBelfer Center
1.3.28Michigan Election Security Advisory CommissionState of Michigan
1.3.29MI Situational Awareness BulletinMichigan State Police
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