• Why does election integrity even matter?
  • What are security threats to America’s election system?
  • How would you know if an election was stolen?
  • How would someone steal an election?
  • Is there any evidence to support assertion that 2020 general election was stolen?

NOTE: The evidence cited in documentary will be featured in an updated post for your reference.

Special thanks to our fellow meddling kids who have continued to investigate the 2020 election fraud even when those responsible for such investigations have not!


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2 thoughts on “DOCUMENTARY: Was America Hijacked?”
  1. Looking forward to the full-length documentry. Please publish the date and time so I can alert many followers.

  2. I have been waiting for an expose of what we all know is true. I watched what happened on election night. I saw the videos and the testimonies before they were all taken down by youtube. It’s about time someone put them all together for everyone to see. If you wonder if the election was legitimate, all you have to do is look at what Biden is doing to the country. 80 million people did not vote for this.

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