By Patrick Colbeck

In response to concerns regarding the integrity of the 2020 Election, many election officials such as Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson are proposing to conduct what are referred to as “Risk-Limited Audits”. They have the word “audit” in them. This term influences citizens to believe that these “audits” involve the rigor that any IRS agent would applied in an audit of a taxpayer’s finances. Do they?

Find out in the following video:

See HBO Documentary “Kill Chain”

For more information, please view the following videos on “Recounts” and “Election Chain of Custody”.


Election Chain of Custody

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One thought on “Risk-Limited Audits”
  1. Thank you for your excellent work. The extra-legal manipulation of administrative and statutoril election law was appalling and un-American on its face. We must not concede to those responsible for criminal abuses of the ’20 election. To concede and accept the manufactured ’20 outcome without investigation, analysis and due measurement of agent exploitation of the unsuspecting public and their gullible elected and appointed servants would be the grossest collective abuse of our freedoms in our history. Without resolving the broad legitimate concerns of millions of voters, all current efforts to fabricate notions of integrity thru policy, or legislative act is to answer the experimental question that our Republic cannot survive the fools permitted to rule over the mal and uninformed.

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