By Patrick Colbeck

On December 10, I tested positive for COVID. I didn’t want to get tested. I first started recognizing that I was getting sick after burning the candle at both ends a bit on Friday, December 4th in my effort to get the truth out about the 2020 election. My symptoms were fever, chills, muscle aches, cough, and difficulty taking deep breaths.

The positive test on December 10 led to my pursuit of treatment by a physician. Within 5 hours of starting the recommended AAPS treatment featuring HCQ, Z-Pack, Zinc and steroids, all symptoms except for mild inflammation in my respiratory system were gone. Since then, I have been taking daily nebulizer treatments featuring Budesonide.

I am happy to report that I am now 100% recovered from COVID. I’ve been without any symptoms for days and officially tested negative on 12/26.

Early treatment was key.

We followed the guidelines provided by the physicians at AAPS. The physicians at AAPS have been a true blessing. Rather than fall in line with politically-motivated winds at the WHO, NIH, AMA, and FDA, they looked at the actual clinical data. In other words, they followed what we used to call science. Now, science appears to be whatever someone in a white lab coat with a government title says it is.

The AAPS is constantly updating their guidelines based upon the best available data. You can see the latest AAPS COVID Guidelines on their website.

If you or a loved one need access to HCQ but have difficulty finding a doctor or pharmacy willing to assist you due to threats from out-of-control despots such as Governor Whitmer’s administration, please click the link below.

BOTTOM LINE: COVID should not be feared.

The Government response to COVID? That’s what really needs to be addressed.

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Janet Ruehle
Janet Ruehle
26 days ago

Thanks so much for this valuable information. I haven’t gotten the China virus yet but this was my thinking in case I did get sick. Thanks again. Stay healthy. Also I admire you for standing up to fight and saving our great nation. You are a true patriot.

Dolores Hunter
Dolores Hunter
25 days ago

my doctor is not following the AAPS guidelines. Are you aware of any physicians in Oakland county( near Clarkston) that I can contact for early treatment?

24 days ago

What Dr. prescribed hydroxycloriquin in Michigan? This is a cure but no one is talking about Dr.s not prescribing it.

21 days ago

Thank you so much for posting your experience so that others may learn and not fear.

Recently I found this very informative twitter thread about CCP’s influence in determining how the pandemic was handled around the world. Very, very eye opening:

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