By Patrick Colbeck

Thank you to all of our supporters who responded to our priority survey! The results are in!

Top priority is clearly an Antrim County deep dive. There is a lot to unpack on that subject. A post providing you with the latest information is in the works. As a primer on this topic, I recommend reading the following analysis of Antrim County vote by Professor J. Alex Halderman of the University of Michigan. If you have been playing close attention to the statements made by Dominion CEO John Poulos, you may have noted some interesting discrepancies in their testimonies. Professor Halderman’s analysis provides a very systematic breakdown of what happened in Antrim County during the last election, but it does leave some unanswered questions which we will explore soon.

Analysis of the Antrim County, Michigan November 2020 Election Incident.

The next priority will be to continue our deep dive on election fraud in the November 2020 election in conjunction with the continued mapping of our evidence to our assertions of fraud. I am in process of developing what is intended to be a comprehensive process map of election processes. The map is intended to serve as a “Dewey Decimal System” of sorts. This process-specific taxonomy will allow election fraud investigators to map our evidence to specific election tasks and artifacts. It is looking like it will make a great wall map for those of us interested in combatting election fraud.

Next in the list of priorities appears to be an analysis of the safety of vaccines. While I have reviewed a significant amount of information on the topic thus far, it will take some time to provide a well-thought out analysis of the topic. In the meantime, based upon what I have reviewed thus far, I will not be getting the vaccine. There are therapeutic treatments which are much more effective than any of the vaccines for far less risk. More to follow.

For those of you who like tables (“guilty”), here’s a breakdown of your responses.

1st Choice2nd Choice3rd Choice
Antrim County: The Thread That Unravels the 2020 Election Theft60%7%13%
Top 5 Election Integrity Myths7%7%13%
COVID Vaccinations:  Are They Safe?7%20%0%
Election Fraud Evidence Mapping (Continued)7%33%13%
Elections:  How Can Integrity Be Breached?13%13%7%
Election System Comparison: Manual vs Electronic0%7%7%
Block Chain: Can It Protect Election Integrity?7%0%7%
How To Fix Roads Without Increased Taxes0%0%0%
How To Provide Quality Healthcare At Affordable Price0%7%13%
I Signed What?  Facebook User Agreement Analysis0%0%0%
Results of March 2021 Topic Priority Survey

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