By Tyler Olson, Fox News

President-elect Biden is projected to win Pennsylvania and Nevada, putting him over 270 electoral votes.

President-elect Joe Biden on Saturday declared victory after a long and hostile campaign between him and President Trump, saying that he is “honored and humbled” to be chosen by the American people as their 46th president. 


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One thought on “Biden Proclaims Victory”
  1. So the government is trying to shut us down again over “covid” so no one can compare notes and show the proofs the election was stolen with others, especially in dirty Michigan.. that is what this is all about.

    After this, masks off people!!! Step up and fight sheepeople… Stop believing the narrative that we all will die. No. Let”s protect and isolate the elderly and those with comorbidities , those few that are actually at risk to die, but free the rest.

    Unite and stand together all over the world. They can’t force us all into their freedom sucking global socialism! Let us each individally decide the risks we will take for ourselves and our families

    PS so if this election was stolen, whose to say New York, Chicago, and Cali weren’t also? Anybody asking about that???

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