By Patrick Colbeck

The mainstream media is attempting to characterize the fraudulent 2020 election as “the most secure election in American history”. The truth tells a much different story.

What Happened

The evidence from the 2020 election points to America being the victim of a coup. The coup was conducted in four phases:

  • Preparation: Create and expand weaknesses in our election system
  • Main Attack: Exploit single greatest weakness – mail-in voting
  • Backup Attack: Manipulate election results directly and update election records accordingly
  • Defense: Prevent anyone from discovering or communicating the previous phases

We are now engaged in the Defense Phase as election records are destroyed and the media attempts to censor all evidence of election fraud.

What We Can Do

The book provides a list of what each of the following groups can do in the wake of the fraudulent 2020 election:

  • Citizens
  • Election Officials (e.g. Clerks, Secretaries of State)
  • Law Enforcement
  • Judges
  • Elected Officials (e.g. Legislators)

There is no excuse for doing nothing once you have the evidence.

Interview About the Book

Rebecca Terrell, Senior Editor at “The New American” interviewed me about the book. You can see the interview below.

The 2020 Coup Author is interviewed by Rebecca Terrell, Senior Editor at The New American


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