By Patrick Colbeck

The TN House Health Subcommittee held a hearing on COVID-19 vaccines featuring testimony from Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Richard Urso. Users who have shared links to this testimony on Facebook have had their accounts locked.

What did these doctors say that needed to be censored by Facebook “fact checkers”?

It is absolutely scientifically clear that these vaccines do not prevent acquisition of the disease SARS COVID2, does not prevent transmission of the disease, does not prevent illness from the disease and does not prevent death from the disease. In fact, in studies, the all cause mortality rates have been shown now to be higher in numerous studies in those who receive the vaccine and those who have not. It does not prevent transmission.

Those who have gotten the shots can acquire and transmit the shots at equal volumes. University of Wisconsin, University of California, Vietnam. Multiple studies affirmingly this scientifically peer reviewed data.

Dr. Ryan Cole

Short Version
Full Hearing

Links to studies referenced by Dr. Cole can be found at SUPPORTING EVIDENCE.


It is chilling to note that this public testimony on the efficacy of vaccines involved in mandates throughout America and the world has been so ruthlessly censored. How many lives have been lost as a result of similar censorship practices since the beginning of the COVID crisis?

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One thought on “Sharing this TN House testimony by doctors on Facebook result in being locked out from your account”
  1. Hi Mr Colbeck.

    I wish those Dr’s would get in a room with some naysayers.
    Have an “Its Academic” Battlebot for 1 hour and see both sides.
    A discussion of both sides.

    I think/speculate that they are correct and I thank you for publishing this.
    I will never use FacistTube or ZuckerTube again, so I won’t see it either way.
    After Exxon Valdeze, I didn’t use Exxon for 30 years.

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