By Patrick Colbeck

One of my last acts as a sitting Michigan State Senator was to host an international forum on risks of 5G in Lansing. Among the risks that I and others at the forum cited were the following:

  • Adverse health impacts
  • Privacy infringement
  • National security

At the time that I hosted this forum, the majority of legislators believed these concerns were simply hysteria or unfounded. Since then, regrettably, all of these concerns have been validated.

In 2022, the New Hampshire legislature was the first legislative body to take these risks, particularly the health risks, seriously. After significant discussion and investigation, they issued the following report.

In the wake of the release of the report, the NH legislature introduced and passed HB 522 to commission a study of the adverse health impact risks associated with 5G technology.

Most recently, Tucker Carlson featured former telecom exec Jonathan Pelson on his show. Pelson provided an excellent overview of the implications of 5G technology. At the end of his interview with Pelson, Tucker said,

“I went from being agnostic on 5G to being a blood enemy of 5G cause what you just described is a means of total social control”.

Listen for yourself to the following clip:

Tucker Carlson on 5G

If you are new to the topic of 5G risks, I encourage you to watch the following video compiled from the presentations at the December 2018 forum that I organized in Lansing, Michigan.

Introduction to 5G

Please spread the word. 5G is about MUCH more than faster download speeds.


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