Presentation by Jacky Eubanks, Edited by Patrick Colbeck

Jacky Eubanks is a former elections worker at the Chesterfield Township Clerk Office in Macomb County where she specialized in the processing of absentee ballots.  She quit her job as a Congressional staffer in the wake of the 2020 election as a result of disgust with the lack of investigative action by state legislators.  She formed a group of fellow citizens called the Concerned Citizens Initiative.

Prior to the 2020 election, the absentee voter process in Michigan was a bottoms-up process initiated by the voter and featuring data provided by local clerks.

During the 2020 election, the absentee voter process was shifted to a top-down process initiated by the MI Secretary of State and featured data provided by the Secretary of State.

  1. SoS registers people to vote automatically when they get a driver’s license (motor voter law put into statute as a result of Ballot Proposal 2018-3).
  2. SoS uploads driver’s license information and signature to Qualified Voter File (QVF)
  3. Clerks use the QVF as voter information database
  4. SoS sometimes mails a voter’s signature to clerk to tape onto master card; SoS sometimes does not.  Master cards are used by poll workers during elections to verify the identity of a voter.
  5. If the voter’s signature is not provided, the clerk prints the driver’s license signature from the QVF onto the master card OR the master card is left blank.

In theory, the signatures on the absentee voter application, driver’s license and voter registration master card should all match.  In practice, they often don’t.

What happens if a clerk’s office receives two absentee ballot request forms for the same person that feature two different signatures?  The clerk would check it against the QVF.  What happens when the QVF doesn’t match the signature on the absentee ballot request form?  The clerk checks it against the signature on file with the master card.

What happens when the master card is blank or simply has the QVF signature printed on it?  Clearly, further investigation is warranted.  Such investigations were often not possible during the 2020 election due to the record number of mail-in votes.

These issues were further exacerbated when the Michigan Secretary of State mailed absentee voter applications to all registered voters in Michigan including the approximately 800,000 ineligible voters flagged by the former Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson.  At least 500,000 request forms were returned to the SoS PO Box as undeliverable.  Only the Michigan Secretary of State was privy to this information.  This means that the Michigan Secretary of State knew which of the voters in the QVF were real and which were fake.  Local clerks were simply fed the data provided by the state. 

The state’s list of fake voters would be very useful information to anyone seeking to match them to ballots in a ballot factory and the state had conveniently entered into a data sharing agreement with the progressive organization Rock the Vote prior to the election.  Rock the Vote would not even need to change or delete election records to have some very useful data to share with anyone complicit with election fraud.

By centralizing the key information flows in the absentee voting process, the Michigan Secretary of State was successful in weakening the integrity of the state mail-in voting processes.

This is why the canvassing efforts of Jacky’s group, Concerned Citizens Intiative, is so important. Through their canvassing efforts, the group found that 17.6% of the people contacted resulted in an anomaly akin to what Dr. Frank’s analysis predicted. In other words, 17.6% of the 494,219 votes cast for President in Macomb County were likely fraudulent. That translates to as many as 87,489 fraudulent votes in only one out of Michigan’s eighty-three counties.   If this 17.6% anomaly rate were to be found in other counties, as many as 974,917 votes may have been cast fraudulently in Michigan against a reported margin of victory for Joe Biden of 154,188.

The most common anomaly was when someone stated they had voted in person not by mail as indicated in the statewide voter file.  The second most common anomaly was when the person who voted did not live at the address indicated in the voter file.  The third most common anomaly was an invalid address…which begs the question how did they get the ballot mailed to them?  This last anomaly seems to indicate that the list of fake voters known only to the Michigan Secretary of State found its way to some people who cast ballots in their name.

In addition to these anomalies, canvassers noted that there was greater than 100% voter registration in the majority of cities in Macomb County.  Voter turnout was 10% higher than the historic average which was greater than 3 standard deviations from the mean variations.  Furthermore, six out of ten of the most conservative cities in Macomb County saw ZERO change in the Trump percentage of vote from 2016 to 2020, but Biden received a greater percentage of votes in those cities than Hillary.  For those of you keeping score, that adds up to more than 100% of the vote.  Clearly, there was some massaging of the numbers in Macomb County that strain credulity.


There is evidence that the state voter rolls enabled election fraud significant enough to change the results of the 2020 general election. This is why the citizens of Michigan are demanding an audit of the statewide election results which is their right under Article II Section 4 of the Michigan Constitution.

FOR MORE INFO: See Jacky Eubanks website.

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2 thoughts on “Michigan Mail-In Voting Issues”
  1. We have suspected from the day after the 2020 election that there was potential fraud committed. It wasn’t long when people started reporting what problems they witnessed. (Pat was right therre with them.) Then came 250 signed witnesses at the TCF center, the over 1000 pages of testimony, the audit in Antrim County, and the 9500 signed affidavits requesting a Michigan Forensic audit. And nothing has been done here in Michigan. We were one of the first States to have the Proof, but politics and complacency has prevented our elected representatives from taking action. How will we proceed when other States step up to the plate to right what was wronged?

  2. We are finding (so far) in Oakland County over 50,000 Phantom/Ghost absentee voters who did NOT live at the registered location. This number is growing fast now that we have a digital canvassing team who is finding dead voters, UPS, USPS, Virtual Mailboxes, and many other Phantoms/Ghosts.

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