What happened to Fusion Power?

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    Thirty years ago we were told that “clean” fusion energy was just around the corner and would replace “dirty” fission energy(traditional nuclear energy) in 30 years.  What happened?  Like most uninformed “pie in the sky” concepts (eg electric vehicles will save us from global climate change, everyone becoming vegan will save us from the effects of cow farts, etc) the laws of physics and economics hit us with reality.

    1.  Light water fission power can be very reliable and clean compared to fueled power.

    2.  New concepts about distribution of power can control disparate smaller units for equal efficiency and lower transmission cost and land use.

    3.  Aneutronic fusion May be developed to eliminate high energy neutron corrosion and radioactivity induced in the systems.  This may be possible using B11-p fusion, but it is size limited.  No problem if large base load units are not in the cards.

    see LPP Fusion.com site for more info

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