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    Trump’s Final Plan


    Informed sources are saying that the Trump organization is negotiating with the Veterans Administration for air rights over Arlington National Cemetery.  Adjoining properties are being secretly purchased under ghost company names.  Here’s what we know:  Twice impeached presidents will no longer be allowed to be buried in the cemetery.  Trump has been banned from social media for life, so it’s highly likely that he will be in death as well.  It is also likely that images and memorabilia of Trump will be erased from history if not preserved.  Also, a Trump presidential library will not be allowed federal funding.

    We have now received further info from a whistleblower in the Trump organization.  Here’s the plan:

    1.Trump is planning a multi story building over the cemetery.

    2.Instead of a statue that can be defaced, a three dimensional life sized holographic image of Trump dancing will be projected under the building.

    3.The first floor will contain Trump’s body stored cryogenically so that there is hope for a future revival and re-election.  Other crypts will be set aside for the cremated remains of other twice impeached presidents in the future.  There will also be a gift shop for MAGA items.

    4.The second floor will contain the Trump presidential library.  This will include video and audio , as well as tweets.  All episodes of the Apprentice, starring Trump, will also be stored there.

    5.The third floor will contain the new Trump social media offices and server farm.  Also an office will be maintained for the MAGA PAC on that floor.

    6.The fourth floor will be the office of Postmortem Military Voter Registration.  This group provides an address of record for dead military to vote in mail in elections.

    7.Floors above this will accommodate a 100 room hotel and spa.  Politicians will pay $1000 per night while veterans and gold star families will stay at local motel rates.

    8.Parking will be off site with shuttle golf carts for guests to come and go from the attraction.


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