How to estimate truth in the fog of war

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    Truth is often the first casualty of war, but fake news is a tool to justify propaganda.  Examples from Ukraine:  Zelinski says he is fighting for democracy but he has managed to ban opposition parties from parliament from before the war.

    DOD has been working with Ukraine to “assist” with “bio research” using disease samples left from Soviet’s bio ware fare work.  US DOD has not been allowed to perform such experiments in the US for years but they say it is for “cataloging and screening”.  This is doubtful with present methods, since about 2010.  So why are they still there?

    Russian SAM’s were bought by Turkey in 2019, but have yet to be deployed.  This is a poke in the eye for NATO by Erdouan, the Turkish leader and autocrat.  Whatever weapons they might order as a NATO member, there is a concern they will end up in the hands of Jihadist groups.  Now that Ukraine wants SAMs Turkey is holding NATO over a barrel.  Meanwhile Ukraine has bought armed drones made in Turkey (not offensive??).

    The Russian flagship, the Moscova, was sunk by two Neptune anti ship missiles, according to Telegram feed from Ukraine. No news media here picked up on it but kept parroting the Russian line that the ship had a fire which sank it.  Russian media also claimed the missiles were NATO supplied.  Not true, the Neptune missile is reverse engineered from a Russian missile by Ukrainians.

    To crate a second front in Southern Ukraine, it is assumed that Russia will launch an amphibious attack near Odesa.  Since Ukraine has little naval capability, they have seemed unable to defend the coast.  Recently Russia discovered free floating mines in the area which is a violation of international law.  Who planted the mines? ….,.,  How many more are there?  The attack may have to wait!

    How would S400 SAMS be brought in without being detected by Russia?  One possible hiding place is an old rail tunnel in Southwest Ukraine.  A modified rail car would be needed due to narrower gage used 75 years ago.  This is similar to what was done in the last days of WWII.


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