By Patrick Colbeck

If you are like many Americans, you have heard tidbits of evidence here and there related to election fraud in the 2020 election. What has been lacking to date is a description of how all of these pieces fit together. I have been working on this task since serving as a Poll Challenger in Detroit. An off the cuff overview of how I believe the evidence points to a theft of the 2020 election can be viewed at the following link.

After 4 days and ~14,000 views, YouTube took down this video, but we had a backup (See below).

Thankfully, there are other video hosting platforms…like Rumble. You can still view the video at the link below.

I am producing a much more polished version of this information in a documentary that I hope to release soon. In the meantime, though, please use this video as an introduction.

The 2020 election was indeed stolen….and the evidence we now have provides a pretty good picture of exactly how it was done.

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11 thoughts on “How the 2020 Election Was Stolen”
  1. Sir,
    I think you did an excellent job on this! No need for a “bumper sticker” version!

    I will be going to your website and volunteering.

    God Bless you for your efforts!

    1. Can we volunteer to help in some way? I haven’t watched yet I just seen this but I am a big fan of this wonderful lady who has worked so hard. No way we could have any clue what she’s been through!

  2. So excited to hear you talk about tracking the vote from the precinct on up. We live in Muskegon and are working with Dalton township where we are both Election Inspectors. Right now we have from data sources 4 different vote totals! Up to 100 vote discrepancy. Our next step is the register tapes. Dalton’s clerk has been very supportive to get to the truth. We are going to make a template and track the votes in every township/city of, in Muskegon.

  3. Trump won…knew back in November 20….Why we haven’t started a Revolution war is beyond me… America is weak and feckless I guess… I’m locked and loaded just watching the sun rise and set on a coward nation.

  4. Why don’t you do one addressing all the facts to SCOTUS and asking the question why they are resisting hearing the many cases from many ordinary individuals when other ordinary people are providing affidavits to expose the fraudulent and criminal actions of poll workers and in some cases the police. Why would SCOTUS be compliant in assisting fraudsters to deprive voters of their right to a fair election. They CANNOT be ignorant of the FACTS !!
    Are they assisting voter fraud by purposely ignoring evidence ?
    They should refer themselves to the oaths they took on appointment.

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