By Patrick Colbeck

If you listen to most media reports about the Arizona Audit Report, your only takeaway from the Arizona Audit Report hearing conducted on 24 September 2021 was that the ballot count revealed that Joe Biden still received more votes than Donald Trump.

If you actually watched the hearing or read the presentations and reports issued by the auditors, you would likely understand that election fraud was clearly evident calling in to question the reported vote results.

The following audit activities have been officially completed:

  • Hand-counting of all federal races
  • Image and microscope capture of all ballots
  • Review and comparison of official results
  • Analysis of voter rolls

The following audit activities have yet to be completed:

  • Review of Splunk Logs and Routers
  • Analysis of ballot paper

The following individuals testified before the Arizona Senate:

  • Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai
  • Doug Logan
  • Ben Cotton
  • Randy Pullen
  • Ken Bennett

Key Findings:

  • No clear victor could rationally be declared because the election record chain of custody was broken
  • Despite attempts to delete internet connection data, forensic analysis revealed undeniable evidence of internet connectivity in “Unallocated Space” for EMS Server, EMS Client Workstations, Adjudication Workstations and other devices
  • Timing of one of the internet sessions corresponds to execution of a SQL Purge command resulting in the deletion of election results database
  • Dual boot configuration discovered on Adjudication equipment which is NOT an approved configuration. Second hard drive contained non-Maricopa County data
  • Clearly intentional overwriting of security logs evident
  • Remote Access and Terminal Services features of Windows were enabled allowing remote internet access
  • Hand recount showed a net gain of 360 votes for Joe Biden in Maricopa count (REMINDER: Hand recount does not differentiate between true and fake ballots if chain of custody has been violated)
  • Potentially as many as 5,047 individuals who voted in more than one county
  • Unknown how many EVB return envelopes were originally received by Maricopa County
  • 34,448 duplicate images from 17,126 voters yet Maricopa County reported ZERO duplicate images including an uptick of duplicates during last 6 days of the election
  • Signature verification stamps were applied to blank signatures
  • Multiple statutory violations were cited and forwarded to the Arizona Attorney General for further investigation and prosecution as warranted

The analysis of the paper ballots would have likely blunted the media narrative that the vote results still showed Joe Biden receiving the majority of votes, but that analysis was not completed prior to the hearing.

Review the presentations and reports submitted by those testifying at the AZ Senate Republicans link below:

If you would like to hear the testimony on the AZ Audit Report before the AZ Senate, you can view it at the link below:


While canvassing was dropped from the scope of work for CyberNinjas, it was not dropped altogether. In fact, that effort was completed by Liz Harris and her grassroots supporters. The Arizona Canvass Report revealed 96,389 ghost votes and 173,104 lost votes.

Either of these figures would account for the reported 10,457 vote margin allotted to Joe Biden.


Contrary to the media narrative that the Arizona Audit Report confirmed the election results, it is clear from an examination of the Audit Report that it is impossible to discern who received more votes in Maricopa County with any certainty due to flagrant and potentially criminal abuse of the election record chain of custody. When an election is certified, this certification asserts that election procedures were followed with integrity. Clearly this did not happen in Arizona.

The audit report revealed that the Arizona 2020 election should never have been certified and clearly should now be de-certified.

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8 thoughts on “Arizona Audit Report: Key Findings”
  1. Dear Pat, it would seem to me that an important conclusion could be drawn about the duplicated ballots (34K ballots/17K voters) if it could just be made clear whether these duplicated ballots were counted in the final vote. Additionally, it would be very helpful and telling to know who the duplicated ballots voted for and what happens to the final vote total if these duplicate ballots/votes are removed as invalid. Can this be clarified? Did these duplicate ballots/votes get counted? What was the distribution of votes to each candidate if these duplicate ballots/votes were counted? If 11K more duplicate ballots went for Biden than Trump then the election is clearly invalid and Trump won (without any other of the issues even being brought into the discussion).

  2. How often was terminal services and remote desktop used? When? Which machines? What was done? What defense do the perpetrators give?


  3. We learned from Sonny Borelli today that the election cannot be decertified without a long drawn-out process including a new election. He instead said the correct term is “nullified.” Once the election has been nullified, the electors can be recalled. Not sure what happens after that, but this is what Sonny was talking about this morning in Bannon’s War Room.

  4. I keep hearing all of this and just find it difficult to believe that somehow the correct report isn’t out there flooding the airwaves? There seems to always be an excuse why only a few hear it? It’s frustrating and getting rather old…I’m confident there’s a way to communicate that isn’t linked to FB or other social medias.

  5. As a computer auditor with over 25 tears experience I find the report deeply troubling. Of course, I have to trust the auditors not to be presenting false testimony but this would be open to public challenge and will be backed by evidence.
    The untraceable removal of key security files at key times is indefensible. Someone has something they seriously wish not to be known. That sets the context.
    It is a fallacy to believe auditors loom gor fraud. Tbey look for controls that prove a successful fraud could not occur without detection.
    The remainder of the report is a catalogue of checks that should be in place but are not. In such an environment an auditor may conclude that even if a fraud occurred, there could never be evidence found.
    The message is not about who won. And the media are fools to say it is.
    It is about elections lacking essential integrity controls.

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