By Patrick Colbeck

If you want to know how to fix our government, it is important to first understand the sentiments expressed by the platforms of the political parties whose members shape our government policies.

In order to help in this pursuit, Let’s Fix Stuff has prepared a series of videos which share the actual platforms of these political parties throughout the years.

In addition to providing a better understanding of the political parties, it provides a great summary of the history of our great nation.

Just the facts.

Democratic PartyRepublican Party
1840 PlatformNA
1844 PlatformNA
1848 PlatformNA
1852 PlatformNA
1856 Platform1856 Platform
1860 Platform1860 Platform
1864 Platform1864 Platform
1868 Platform1868 Platform
More soon!More soon!

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2 thoughts on “American Political Party Platforms Thru History”
  1. Would love to see similar comparisons about Michigan Dems vs GOP. Tried to see what the MI GOP platform is for 2022 midterms and see nothing. Emailed them with suggestions so we will see. I should think the platform committee would be inviting such suggestions, even though it may be in rough draft form.

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