TOPIC: Election Integrity

You may recall Catherine as the special target of former IRS Director Lois Lerner. Why was she targeted? Catherine had the audacity of seeking to protect the integrity of elections and pursuing tax-exempt 501c3 status for her True the Vote organization. Lois Lerner responded by not only denying her tax exempt status, but also unleashing a complete alphabet soup of federal agencies upon Catherine and her business. Rather than buckle under this onslaught, she stood her ground and fought back.

Today, she has become a beacon of inspiration for people like me who fight for freedom. She trains patriots all over the nation how to protect the integrity of our elections.

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In this podcast, we will answer the following important questions:

  • What is mail-in voting? How is it different from absentee voting?
  • How can we help to ensure the integrity of the vote?



Robert Mueller spent $32M of taxpayer funds to investigate possible Russion Collusion in 2016 election. Politicians are pursuing Mail-In voting in response to COVID-19. The Secretary of State in my home state of Michigan unlawfully issued millions of absentee ballot applications to voters in the state voter registration database and unilaterally dismissed the need for signature verification of these applications. A judge in Michigan recently ruled that absentee ballots can be counted up to two weeks after the election. Election integrity is in jeopardy in America.

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