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By Patrick Colbeck

The COVID-19 Pandemic and subsequent government response has resulted in significant changes in the lives of Americans.

In this podcast, we will examine the problems posed by COVID-19 and provide you with background information essential to identifying potential solutions. Furthermore, this information will assist us in understanding how to evaluate potential solutions to the problem. We will then define specific objectives. These objectives will help us to systematically evaluate potential solutions and ultimately identify the BEST solution(s) to this problem.

Enough with the politics.

Enough with the censorship.

Enough with the deception.

Time for solutions.

If you would like to see a more detailed version of this podcast, Right Stuff members can view our Engineer Version.

This Media Version of our COVID-19 Policy Solution is free to distribute to people in your network who would like to see a rational, data-driven approach to COVID-19 Policies.

Thank you for your support!

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Richard Webb
1 year ago

Just added an AMAZING new study on Ivermectin pills solving COVID, and ALSO attacking cancer-causing parasites, and attacking cancer cells.