Whereas all political power is inherent in the people

Whereas the people have delegate enumerated powers to elected officials in our Michigan and U.S. Constitution

Whereas the executive authority granted to the Governor under Article V Section 1 of the Michigan Constitution does not abrogate other provisions of the Michigan Constitution

Whereas the people have expressly denied authority to infringe upon several enumerated rights retained by the people

Whereas Executive Order 2020-59 is dismissive of explicit provisions of Michigan Constitution which protect the rights of the people yet takes pains to explicitly protect the rights of the legislature and judiciary

Whereas the statutory authority vested by the legislature is subordinate to the constitutional authority granted by the people in all matters including the Emergency Powers Act

Whereas Executive Order 2020-59 violates Article I Section 1 of Michigan Constitution in that it has provisions which seek to violate the rights of citizens explicitly protected in our Constitution.

Whereas Governor Whitmer has violated Article I Section 2 of the Michigan Constitution with the arbitrary and capricious provisions of Executive Order 2020-59 and her subsequent arbitrary and capricious interpretations of this order towards specific groups and classes of industry.

Whereas Executive Order 2020-59 violates Article I Section 3 of Michigan Constitution by placing restrictions upon our rights to peaceably assemble and consult for the common good

Whereas Executive Order 2020-59 violates Article I Section 4 of Michigan Constitution in that, while it removes any penalties for doing so, it still prohibits people of faith to worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience.

Whereas Article V Section 2 of Michigan Constitution grants the legislature the authority to rescind any Executive Order of the Governor via a majority vote of each Chamber on a concurrent resolution to do so

Resolved that Executive Order 2020-59 be rescinded immediately.

Resolved that any unconstitutional provisions in Executive Order 2020-59 which may still have merit be presented to the people for their voluntary adoption without threat of breaking law or being subject to penalties or threats of any kind.Resolved that any unconstitutional provisions in any other executive order issued by Governor Whitmer be immediately rescinded either in response to this resolution or via the passage of future concurrent resolutions to this effect as necessary.

Resolved that the Governor and legislature will work together on a solution to current epidemic that protects others, provides means for individuals to protect themselves, re-opens our economy, re-opens our schools, is driven by evidence not fear, minimizes taxpayer expense, mitigates the risk of future crises and respects our constitution.

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