By Patrick Colbeck

It has been 21 months since COVID-19 first dominated the national headlines and hospital emergency rooms all across the globe. What have we learned since then regarding how best to survive COVID-19? This post is my attempt to provide a brief and to the point survival guide as to how best to survive COVID-19.

NOTE: I am NOT a physician but guidance cited below is provided by physicians who serve on the front lines in treating COVID-19. They have been very effective at treating COVID-19. Before pursuing any treatment, please see a physician that honors their Hippocratic Oath and is willing to look beyond the protocols prescribed by the federal government to consider COVID-19 treatments that have proven to be effective at saving lives.


What needs to be done is EARLY treatment.

Vaccinated? TREAT EARLY! Don’t wait and try to tough it out. See below for treatment options and considerations.

Unvaccinated? TREAT EARLY! Don’t wait and try to tough it out. See below for treatment options and considerations.


The following steps are based upon guidance provided by the principled doctors at the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. These physicians have proven that they are willing to honor their Hippocratic Oath above other considerations.


If you or a loved one are hospitalized, know your treatment options. You need a persistent patient care advocate. Most hospitals are pushing federal government protocols that provide financial incentives for less effective treatments such as Remdesivir that often lead to being placed on ventilators and death. You have other options!

As a patient care advocate, you need to pursue the option that prioritizes patient care over federal compliance. Print out a copy of the MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol for you to have on hand at the hospital when talking to medical personnel about treatment options.

Hospital Protocol for COVID-19

Tested Positive or Symptomatic?

  1. Find a COVID-19 Care Provider
COVID-19 Care Providers

2. Review your prevention and treatment options

Prevention and Treatment Protocols for COVID-19

3. Pursue early treatment

It is important to treat right away when you get Covid. Click on the image below to find out more about your early treatment options (See Page 2).

Prevention and Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19

Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin with Zinc helps to decrease the viral replication and the inflammatory cascade.  We could have decreased the mortality rate from Covid by 85% if we had treated early!  Also, contact your doctor to pursue monoclonal antibodies. When given within the first 7 days, monoclonal antibodies have been effective.

4. Work with your care provider to find a pharmacy that will provide the medicine needed

It has been exceedingly difficult for many people to find a pharmacy that will fill prescriptions for life-saving treatments featuring Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine. FLCCC Alliance has provided a convenient tool to connect you with pharmacies willing to put patient care concerns over those of pressures from the federal government.

How to Get Ivermectin

Beyond reprehension, the United States federal government has been using the US Postal Service to intercept shipments of Ivermectin from overseas countries such as India. The pharmacies at the link above, however, should be able to get you the medicine you need when you need it.

Prevention Protocols

If you don’t have COVID-19, be sure to discuss with your doctor the various methods available to fortify your immune system. Click on the image below to find out more about your prevention options (See Page 1).

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Prevention and Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19

For example, enhancing your Vitamin D3 levels has been shown in multiple studies to decrease COVID-19 mortality.

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