What is it?

Obamagate is the alleged spying of the Obama Administration upon the Trump Campaign.

Why does it matter?

If allegations are true, it would make the Watergate events that resulted in the resignation of President Nixon look like a minor infraction. In an apparent attempt at undermining fair elections and subsequent execution of duties by a duly elected President of the United States, the surveillance capabilities of the federal government were unleashed upon American citizens on the basis of fraudulent Russian collusion evidence.


  • Late July 2016, U.S. intelligence agencies learn of Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s plan to stir up scandal against Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to hacking of DNC computers by Russians as a means of distracting public from her illegal email server.
  • 7/26/16 According to CIA Direct John Brennan’s handwritten notes, Brennan briefs President Obama and other senior intelligence officials on Hillary’s scheme to frame Donald Trump with fake Russian collusion allegations. He sends letter related to briefing to FBI.
  • 7/27/16 Trump quips at his golf course in Doral, Florida that he hoped “the Russians would be able to find Secretary Clinton emails and share with press”. This quip was used as the official basis for the investigation of Trump campaign for Russian collusion. In his book “Undaunted”, Brennan claims he said this on 7/26/16 ostensibly to provide a basis for Russian collusion investigation.
  • 7/28/16 The date John Brennan publicly claimed that he debriefed President Obama and other senior intelligence officials on Hillary’s scheme in a Washington Post piece.
  • August 2016 Brennan started CROSSFIRE HURRICANE Fusion center to collect information on U.S. citizens and feed data to the FBI. The center targeted foreigners with whom Trump campaign had contacts as a cover for spying on U.S. Citizens.
  • 9/7/16 U.S. intelligence officials notify FBI Director Comey and Deputy Assistant Director of Counter Intelligence Peter Strzok of Hillary Clinton plot.
  • 1/5/17  Oval Office meeting with former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, then-FBI Director James Comey, then-Vice President Joe Biden and members of the National Security Council to discuss “Russian election interference”.
  • 10/6/20 President Trump orders declassification of all documents related to false allegations of Russian collusion

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