Welcome to this episode of Let’s Fix Stuff’s Meet the Rocket Scientist podcast series.

In our Meet the rocket scientists podcasts, we introduce you to subject matter experts on topics that really matter. These topics may have nothing whatsoever to do with rocket science, but, as an aerospace engineer to whom many have given the moniker “rocket scientist” as a result of my work on aerospace programs such as the International Space Station, I believe it’s appropriate to extend the cool term “rocket scientist” beyond aerospace engineers. In my book, anyone who boldly goes where no one has gone before and pushes the limits of knowledge in their particular field should be granted the opportunity to be known as a rocket scientist.

It is with this understanding that I am honored to introduce today’s rocket scientist, Trevor Loudon.

Trevor is an exceptional American patriot with Kiwi roots. He is an author, filmmaker and public speaker from Christchurch, New Zealand who is no stranger to the national stage in America. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics. Among his credits are documentaries such as the Enemies Within, the Enemies Within the Church and his latest expose on the connection between Black Lives Matter organization and the Chinese Communist Party. He is one of the most knowledgeable people that I know on identifying the efforts to undermine our American system of government. I wish everyone in America was as passionate about the defense of American values as he is.

Fittingly, the theme of this episode is “How to fight sedition in America”.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • What are the major sedition movements in America?
  • How has news about these movements been censored?
  • How do we fight sedition in America?

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