TOPIC: Race Relations

Welcome to this episode of Let’s Fix Stuff’s Meet the Rocket Scientists podcast series. In our Meet the rocket scientists podcasts, we introduce you to subject matter experts on topics that really matter. These topics may have nothing whatsoever to do with rocket science, but, as an aerospace engineer to whom many have given the moniker “rocket scientist” as a result of my work on aerospace programs such as the International Space Station, I believe it’s appropriate to extend the cool term “rocket scientist” beyond aerospace engineers. In my book, anyone who boldly goes where no one has gone before and pushes the limits of knowledge in their particular field should be granted the opportunity to be known as a rocket scientist.

It is with this understanding that I am honored to introduce today’s rocket scientist and dear friend in Christ, Apostle Ellis Smith.

Ellis’ specialty? Race Relations.

Ellis has been a trusted counselor of mine when it comes to race relations particularly in urban communities such as Detroit. He is a well-respected leader particularly in the Metro Detroit area where he serves as the humble Founder and Overseer of Jubilee City Church. He is also the founder of the Colin Powell Academy and has a heart for strengthening the overall well-being of ournext generation of leaders through academia. In addition to his ministerial duties, he has served on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Neighborhood Partnership, Education Freedom Fund and is a founding board member of Cornerstone Schools.

During this Meet the Rocket Scientist podcast we perform a deep dive into Race Relations.

We will answer the important questions:

  • What is the root cause of racial issues in America?
  • How can we resolve racial issues in America?



In 1968, the City of Detroit was torn apart by race riots. Ellis Smith lived next door to a Fire House whose firemen responded to blaze after blaze. His home backed up to the school playground that was used as a staging area for National Guard vehicles deployed to stem the violence. As an adult, he has leveraged this experience in an effort to promote reconciliation and rejuvenation.

Now, you can benefit from his insights in this special “Meet the Rocket Scientist” podcast.


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