TOPIC: Information War

We are in the middle of an Information War. One side of this information war is promoting the fundamental transformation of America. The other side of this information war is promoting all that is noble, true, excellent and praiseworthy about America.

In this podcast, you will learn the following:

  • Who is fighting this war?
  • What is the role of Q in this war?
  • How can we win this information war?



People are waking up to the deception of the Main Stream Media. They are looking for alternative sources of information which look objectively at issues.

Politicians, groups like Antifa and BLM, and even George Soros are only the public fronts for the people who are truly seeking to undermine our system of government. The goal of these actors is to subvert our Constitution and is fundamental protections from an overreaching government.

Dave at X22 provides exceptional insights on our information war honed from years of taking a step back, looking at the news being shared and engaging in his own relentless pursuit of the truth.

Now, you can benefit from his insights in this special “Meet the Rocket Scientist” podcast.


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