Humor intended to depressurize individuals perusing the news of the day.

WARNING: Side effects may include laughter, happiness, joy, and otherwise cheery outlook on life in defiance of present circumstances.

The Salient Truths About Masks

By WhatsHerFace Compliance with mask mandates is about cowardice not ...
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Fisher Price Introduces Protest Playhouse

By Babylon Bee Just in time for Christmas, Fisher Price ...
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Brave Sir Robin

Tribute to the 100th Michigan Legislature ...
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The Far Side

By Gary Larson Take a walk on the far side ...
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“Fried Chicken”

By Jim Gaffigan Standup ...
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Squirrel Ninja Obstacle Course

Mark Rober applies science and engineering to the challenge of ...
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Rebel Alliance Life Insurance

Ever pause to consider the terms of the life insurance ...
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